Traits of an Alpha Male through my eyes.

I meet new people everyday as part of being a sales professional, we have numerous tasks from meeting new people giving presentations about our product to closing a deal followed by client servicing post the product sales.

Everyday is a challenge and meeting a new person is more like going for a blind date whom you just spoke over phone and fix an appointment at maximum you had a look in his/her Linkedin profile.

Apart from networking through work related stuff, i also make friends whom i know through my range of interest areas  like the  fitness club, the open coffee house sessions, the friends friend who came to town or someone i knew long back from  school, colony anything. In my circle of friends i have come across lot of male colleagues,friends, brothers etc but then when we all look for someone who should is inspiring etc i always look for traits of an strong MAN not  a BOY.

By strong Man i dnt mean he needs to be a masculine or physically super fit i mean someone who is way too good and knows how to conduct himself  and is matured. Out of all the sigma,beta,gamma males i know i found the traits of an Alpha male a better one if i have to look forward in terms to learn something or someone who can inspire me as i am a strong headed independent women. I dislike kiddish, immature acts, i dislike insecure people who needs drama in every sphere of life.So, basis my own observations  and experiences i would like to pen down the traits of a male who actually deserve to be addressed as an ALPHA Man.

  • A man who is self made, he achieved everything basis his own will power and talent.
  • A man who knows to respect other individuals specially a woman and elderly people.
  • A man who is persuasive and assertive in his conduct.
  • A man of his words.
  • A man who is determinant and knows to take stand about things he want to pursue in life and analyse a situation well before he put his foot forward.
  • A man who knows  how to conduct himself even when he is not in his senses.
  • A man who doesn’t use any kind of abusive languages as i believe anyone who take the shelter of abusive language just because he feels its cool is a weak person.
  • A man who is loyal to one and stick to that irrespective of any other attention he gets. One who never go back to past and complicate things in his present.
  • A man who is  a gentleman who open doors for his lady and ask her consent for anything be holding hands.
  • A man who has his own dreams and goals and works towards achieving it.
  • A man who who believe in communication properly with whom you can speak out easily and tell your concern area one who will say look this is what the issue is lets try to resolve.
  • A man who ensures he doesn’t give false hopes in any form to you until he is sure about his own intentions and feelings.
  • A man who is matured enough to know what is right and what is wrong and stick my his principles and ideology strongly.
  • The man  who never gives up even failure happen if he fails once he rather  will make himself get up brush up and come back strongly.
  • He is the one who will encourage people and his peers to do good.
  • He the one who knows how to protect his family, his people.
  • He the one who will be vocal about his own emotions. be  when he is insecure, jealous and over possessive, in any relationship these are the core factors which leads to anger and things go bad among two individual if he is jealous or possessive he should rather speak out and say it to the girl that i am not comfortable with this.
  • Physical abuse is a big no an alpha male never does it he will never do any physical,verbal,emotional abuse to anyone around him.
  • He is a man of value and he knows whats his own value he dont have to tell or express it because he knows what he is.
  • He knows how to treat his lady well, push her to achieve her dreams and goals and always there to support her, to love her, he will never be clingy and let her have her own personal space.
  • He will never force anyone for anything, he knows how to get things done by his own charm.
  •  He knows his own values and thats what drives him towards his pursuit of happiness.
  • An alpha man never picks up a fight, if the situation demands he will else he will never get into it. He does only to defend not to demean or showcase to boost his own ego.
  • He knows how to control his anger.
  • He is a warrior not a worrier.
  • He is a peoples man with his amazing sense of  humor he is a social person who has his life filled with his friends and family members.
  • He is matured and believe in effective communication.
  • He will pamper and show his love in all forms to his lady in the best way. he wont flirt.
  • He believes in closures, if there are things which is not working out properly be with a girl or with a colleague and there is disagreements he would come forward talk about the things in details and listen out to the other person values and opinions and express his and then move ahead unlike those who end things without communicating properly and make the other person stay in confused stage.
  • He will move on from things easily be a fight which happened last night etc . he will discuss and do closure next day start fresh with a positive note. He will never go back to his past  with whom thing didnt work out well as it is mere waste of time.
  • He will never speak ill about someone who is no more a part of his life,
  • He is honest in his conduct.
  • He will take care of his loved one in the wee hour of need be a medical emergency or any sad event.
  • He will initiate things from his end and speak to the point then beating around the bush.
  • He will know how to manage his finances well and do a proper planning for the same and always ensure there is a back up at time of crisis.
  • He is a listener who ensure he listen patiently when someone comes to him and share there problem and he analyse this thing well and then give his comments.He will revert back to that individual who is trying to reach out to him when they are low.
  • He may have anger on something but doesn’t believe in revenge he believes in forgive and forget and keep going on his life as he knows karma will take care of the rest.
  • He doesn’t hold grudges be with someone who did bad to him. He will still be the polite person  and knows how to cut himself away from negative sources and keep focus on things which matters to him.
  • He knows when he is wrong and apologize for his conduct rather being stubborn and showcase ego and blame the other person.
  • He will never command on someone he will try to convince and take things slowly in such a way the outcome is positive rather then going all out and get angry when things doesn’t look  happen as they wish.
  • Patience these man are very patient they wont react until required as they know if you just react aggressively without any logical reasoning you are just harming yourself and the situation then resolving.
  • They believe in self improvement and works towards there fitness and learning something new everyday.

At the end its very difficult to find someone with all these qualities as nobody is perfect but the key challenge is how many of the people work towards being one, how many of us acknowledge our own mistakes and come forward, how many of us are vocal about there reactions about why they reacted. A matured individual is that who knows how to communicate well and doesn’t hold himself back in terms of his emotions or show aggression.


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