The Power of Control

The power of control!!!

August 2, 2016


Today while coming back from work, on my way was thinking  on few things.We all have a different life, everyone goes through various emotional turmoil.sometimes we have a good day, sometime not so good.

Sometime productive sometime just sitting idle.

We all run behind money,love, care because these things gives us happiness.On month end  whenever we see our phone early morning the smile comes automatically seeing the salary credit isnt it? Its a feel good factor for the work we do for month. After a tiring day when we are  back home and   mom gives the evening snacks its so refreshing. After work when we see our kid waiting for us to come back so can watch doremon together gives so much of relief and happiness.

Every individual has his/her story of happiness and sadness. few showcase and few hide behind a smiling face.

At difficult times of our lives we get to know, who really stand by us. I remember a friend of mine from school time whom i always dislike due to few misunderstandings,  and always use to avoid meeting him all these years. When a critical situation came in life, my other friends  asked me  to seek help from him as he is the who can guide because of his immense knowledge about the field. Much to my dismay, someone whose fb pings i use to ignore. I ended up calling him and  spoke. I could never thought someone whom i ignored all these years  can be so humble, at the end i said thanks alot for your help. He  just said  to me how much good i do to you, you will never be happy  and whatever i did all these years i still couldn’t meet up to your expectations and i haven’t  done anything so great for you to say me thank you.Well i didn’t have  answer for that kept quite and ended the call.

Later I realized when he wanted to clarify for his mistake 10 years ago i didn’t let him speak.only thing  i did was screamed and avoided him without even understanding what he was going through.I remember we had  reunion trip of all old friends and in that he also came. During the ongoing trip in bus it was cold which i didn’t anticipate and i was wearing a hoodie and slept off, morning when i got up i found a shawl over me when i inquired my friends they said they dnt know n i asked him is that yours he said nope it fell from sky, god sent. I gave the worst possible look, but later  i found it was his.  I bullied him many times but never he said anything bad to me.and today when i was in need  he helped me.

Karma is truly a bitch. Sometime i wonder how selfless people can be.

The problem with us is we all take few seconds to believe what is negative and we need reassurance if  good things happens.

i always believed any bond be friendship , relationship can work and stay strong if the trust and understanding is good. and to have trust we need to communicate properly.

Often we feel offended if someone cracks a joke also we start taking it personally and seriously. There is a saying just kidding also has some bit of truth but then not all.

I just had an argument with a friend today in something similar where i was in a situation where i was bit stressed and confused and at that moment i wanted to speak about it and then my friend already was tired and need to sleep. so by the time i completed with my texts, my friends gn message came for which i felt it was rude when i was saying something and it was like people are not interested. Rather then understanding  the situation i started off you were rude after a gap and surprisingly my friend was online so the thought process  of my friend was that since i saw 
online so i assumed and then i was accused of being judgmental and not trusting. I got irritated and rather then giving a explanation kept my phone inside. Had i been empathetic i could have understood that individual perspective  and would not have reacted in a different way. Every individual has there own situations and priorities. your friends may not be able to stand for you  throughout.

I have seen the best of buddies miss there best friends wedding because of change in priorities.

A person who probably had been blindly trusting people would have got betrayed and back stabbed badly so they became extra cautious and sees everyone with doubting nature.

There can be situation where someone was so emotional  and vulnerable that people misused them and hurted them so now the person became rough and rude.

Until we dint understand and gone through the situation one goes its not right on our part to judge someone on few incidences. Sometime our hopes and expectations rise up so high that we see ourselves in top.

I remember there was a time when i really word so hard.and achieved my given targets and my expectations for that  year end appraisal went so high that i thought i will get  the key performer rating. But unfortunately, i got was A1 rating which was below key performer. I was hurt why because my expectations were high i didn’t see what my organisation is looking for. I did well with my targets but  then where i could have focused for improvement in my skill set  i just didn’t bother.

It taught me a lesson.similar are these small  life experiences which taught a lesson to us everyday.

If a person is protective, rude or happy its all because what they have gone through has made them what they are today.Its not fair on any individual  to make a comment without knowing anything. we make a remark but then we dont even bother to think how it would have hurt that  individual.

Every individual is different its solely because god has created us that way like how our fingerprints doesn’t match.

I strongly believe and recommend about the skill which we human have the skill to communicate often hard feelings, frustrations, anger harm us only or max to our near and dear ones.we need to be honest to atleast one person in earth and that to to ourselves

Until we dont know who we are how will we know how others are and how  mean it will be on our part to judge someone basis few incidences.

Certain things where some people like to showcase there happiness in form of uploading pictures in Instagram or status in fb. And few have a good life but does showcase in fb. this doesn’t mean that person is sad or not happy or doesn’t have a life. Of course they have because they live in a real world with harsh reality then in the virtual world.

Why people go into depression, why people commit suicide some says they are brave well i call them coward. there is no problem which cant be solved without communication or consulting. have your shared your concern not necessary to outsiders but to your family or loved ones you feel so relieved because at the end they are the one who stays with you forever then the temporary people whom you meet for a certain period but who leave us with pain.

Its good sometime to be judgmental as the saying goes prevention is better then cure in past when you probably have a blind trust on someone and you were cheated  so  to avoid that we became armored enough so again we dnt hurt ourselves.because when we are hurt we are mentally depressed and thus it leads to feeling good for nothing and further leads no physical activity and who is at loss at the end we ourselves.

Every individual is strong as everyone faces some or other obstacles and slowly we become practical  we know how to handle situation. thats why our parents can handle situations better then us and give effective suggestions as they also have learnt through experience.

Life is short so its good to be weird and to be happy :):) so keep smiling as it is tax free :):)


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