15 Traits of a Capricorn Women

15 Common Traits of Capricorn Women

April 21, 2016 SanaExperitale

Well, it’s been a decade when I was  a person who never believed  much about astrology, zodiac sign etc.

Until one fine evening, my roommate got the book of Linda Goodman. I was more of a person who   read fictions  those days. Just to kill my time I started reading this book and then went  deep into it. Eventually I completed all the volumes. Finally, it helped me a lot in terms of knowing people better and I could know the common traits of them. I am not a blind believer but yes zodiac sign does have effects in our lives and define people.

After much speculation, i thought let me first jolt down the traits of my own zodiac sign Capricorn.

So here are the 15  common traits of Capricorn women (Born Between 22 december-23rd January) which you can correlate.

  1. Ambitious:

We are  very much goal oriented , focused and determined, and clear about what we want.We plan  things at  a very early age about what we want to achieve in life  and focus towards it. Leadership qualities are in us from beginning . We can be Class Monitor  to College GS. Most of the us  are good public speakers . we  are very hard working and can work for long hours without getting tired. we don’t hesitate to take initiative for any task and like to control and plan things and work towards completing in a perfect manner within the time frame given. we are independent in terms of our decisions and finances.

  1. Forgive but never forget:

We are  a nice person until you don’t hurt us. Once you betray or backstab that’s it ,we might forgive you but will never forget what you did. Break our  trust once we  will never trust you ever in life.

  1. Sensitive:

We  may appear very tough from outside, will never  give  you the vibes when hurt,we  may cry in a close room but you will see us with a smiling face outside. if you are close enough then we  may confront else once hurt we tend to go inside our  shell for a long time may be  few weeks to  months until we are  completely  healed. You need to be super careful dealing with us . If we  hurt someone or being rude to someone then we  are 10 times equally guilty for hurting others and overthink about it. Although we seldom show it. We may look emotionally detached and aloof, cold but yes we are emotional fools.

  1. Honest :

We  are  honest women. we  prefer to tell things upfront and straight to the point then beating around the bush and we don’t believe in  understanding  the hints.  You  need to be straight to the point with us.

  1. Over caring:

we  are too much caring .mostly motherly figures you can say. we  are giver always without expecting in return. I remember when my college mates gave me a nickname of “ Amma” for the reason of me being over caring to my close friends .often people tend to get irritated because of this thinking we  trying to control others. But we Capricorns are by default over caring that’s what sometimes end up  in trouble when people take us for granted. We always want to keep everyone around us happy. We  may act clingy at times because of this and people will take it another way.

  1. Loyal:

We are very sincere and loyal people. Once committed be it friendship or relationship we  will stick to it and never leave. For whatever be the problem we tend to help people in all possible ways.

  1. Witty:

We are too much sharp and observant, we are cautious and curious by nature. We  think thrice before taking any decision. We cross check  all the pros and cons before keeping our foot forward for anything.

8.Strong Instinct:

We take most of our decisions,  basis our gut instinct rather than being practical which at times do lead us in a problem.we  can read your mind with your words, empathetic in many situations.

  1. Family Oriented:

We are homely bodies. Family comes first in any matter.Be it cooking or decorating the home we love to do that at our free time.

10.Selective :

We are way too choosy be it clothes, accessories or the people we talk. Prefer to have a close knit of friends with whom we can be ourselves then having a huge circle.

If we choose to talk to you and befriend you that means there is something really catchy that’s the reason we are talking to you.  We may know many people but we have selective ones with whom we prefer to keep in touch. We appear too cold for those whom we don’t consider a part of our circle.We tend to  ignore if we are  not  interested.

  1. Criticism:

We are stubborn and bit egoistic, we look for perfection in whatever we do and most of the time we tend to do things in the best possible way. If someone criticizes we will try to improve it  or will be too  upset and leave the work completely.

  1. Humour:

We have a good sense of humour, we are frank, fun loving people. Initially, you may find us bit shy and reserved the moment we felt we have same wavelengths will become good friends. We adore people of same nature. Few of us are extroverts and few are introverts in an extrovert body which is  like we may not like some adventure sports or partying out but then for our closed ones we do things. Often we are sarcastic also depending on the person we have to deal with. We rarely praise people until we feel we should, if we saying good things about you that means you really have something good.

  1. Serious:

We have a funny side of ours and also a serious one, we are more of serious people who take things seriously in terms of our life goals, family, relationship and won’t waste our time in flirtations or short term fling. Often people take our friendliness in other way and think we are immature; however we are matured and wise enough and aware of what we doing. If sometimes we are deeply hurt by anything then if anyone compliments us then we tend to push away people by irritating them and doing what will piss them off, so that they don’t see the vulnerable side of ours.

  1. Space:

Well, it’s not just guys who need space we do need loads of space too. We are weird we undergo loads of turmoil  of emotions in  a day from happy to gloomy. we always give ourselves enough time to keep us charged for the next day. having a bad day or time we tend to take a break or confine ourselves in a room and do what we like and then get back to our routine life.We dont tell people, we need space we simply make it as per our comfort.

  1. Sweet

We are sweet people we will be nice to you till you are. The moment  u misjudge us then it’s a wrong move. We won’t entertain you if you are rude, unapologetic for your acts, showoff kind of person , selfish. Often people take us for a ride because of our sweet nature we are like honeybees we will be sweet the moment we know you going to harm us will sting you.

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