13 Traits of a Cancerian Male

Cancerian Male Traits

August 1, 2016 SanaTaleOfLife

It’s been a long time since i  was thinking to write  something about  cancerian male, of all the zodiac signs this one sign which is quite unpredictable and extreme in its traits. After been associated with many  cancerian i could find many common traits in terms of there nature.


You need to think thrice before you are rude to them, they are extremely sensitive one, you say something harshly they will take it negatively and go inside there shell. they will react for all situations.


These man are extremely sweet and nice to people all the time, they are  polite, and always with a smile.because of there this nature they often get in trouble where they want to say no but they cant.


They are often indecisive one as  they are highly emotional, the conflict between  mind and heart  keeps going. in their life everyday.because of there high emotions they are often confused about there decisions and overthinks about if the decision is going to hurt others or not.


Cancerian are ruled by moon often they are moody, if they are upset they prefer to cut off from everyone and like to spend time alone. there moods swings happen in seconds. If you are in a gathering and you can see him to be laughing for a joke but within minutes you can see them getting sentimental as well.

5.Fear of Rejection:

This is the biggest challenge for anybody dealing with cancerian male, as the fear of getting rejected by the other is too high in them because of there own build up insecurity about themselves.


They are introverts they prefer to stay within a small circle.

7.Sense of Humor

They are the most wittiest among all signs, there sense of humor is remarkable, you can never get bored in there company. they will come up with the most unexpected logic for any random questions.


These individuals are dreamers, they look for a good future and often want to possess all the materialistic pleasures at a young age.


Loyalty is in there genes  be it friendship, relationship, they believe in long term relationship , often there intuition are strong they can sense what the other person might be thinking .They will stand by you in your hour of need.

  1. Manipulative:

These individuals are manipulative at times where they can portray themselves to be a victim instead of being the culprit. they know how to play smart and never let another person know if they are two timing.


They are like coconuts, hard from outside and soft inside. due to the fear of rejection and the fear of getting hurt they are very cautious all time, be choosing a career or choosing a friend , they check all pros and cons before going ahead.They try not to show there vulnerable side to anybody soon.


They are the most romantic one, they may act as if they dnt care but for the one they love they always worry about there whereabouts. Be it getting flowers for anniversary and holding hands and walking in the rain they always come up with the most innovative way to romance.

  1. Family oriented:

Most of the cancerian male are momma’s boy.Every decision of there is dependent after discussion with there mother. For them the priority is always family above anything else, be it cooking for there loved ones or watching a movie with family members any day they   prefer it over going out  for shopping or clubbing with friends.



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