10 Things Only a Sales Professional Can Relate

Sales is one of the most important pillar’s to drive a product-based organization to a new level. Sales is everywhere, starting from selling a soap to mutual funds. The act of selling and pushing a product is tough as it needs a lot of negotiation skills and convincing power. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Some may be good in logical reasoning, but lack the convincing skills required in the job. It is a daunting task. A race against time to prove yourself within a seemingly short window. The pressure felt is enormous. In today world, sales is  one of the most highly-paid professions. But it is equally challenging. A person in sales will become an expert in:

1 .Time managementtime-management-1 Fixing up appointments prior to a day or a week and then meeting clients at that appropriate time is their regular affair. In case they are not able to reach, they end up stating I will be late or I am just 10 minutes away when in actuality they are 20 minutes away.

2. Number and Money drovemoney-target Only numbers talk, bullshit walks. They work hard to achieve targets and earn incentives to buy what they desire.3. Excellent in interpersonal skillsinterpersonal skills All sales persons are good speakers and have amazing negotiation skills. They believe in listening and showing empathy to their clients.

4. Used to hearing NOcommitment They are used to hear the word no on a daily basis. But this doesn’t daunt their enthusiasm. Their spirit keeps them going from one client to the next.

5. Commitments are meant to be postponedlevels-of-commitment-copy   Morning meetings commitments to their managers seldom see being delivered on time. Postponed client meeting postponed or a lead turning bad, is just a part of the job.

6. Multi-Taskermultitasker Can reply to numerous emails at the same time, even while talking to clients over the phone or having a sip of coffee.

7. Doesn’t get tired of being over the phoneover phone Never gets tired of attending calls from clients or managers

8. Ambitiousambitious They strategically plan their goals and are smart enough to know how to achieve this before the year ends in order to get good ratings and promotions.9. Experts in prioritizingpriortize   They know what to prioritize and when and how to do it. If a good deal is on the way, preference is given to that before going behind a fresh case.

10. Meeting strangers and asking questions is their daily affairstranger Every new sales call is like going for a blind date. They don’t know how the person will look but then once they meet them they instantly connect and never hesitate to ask questions.

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