10 things girls do after a Break up

10 Things girls do after a break up

July 30, 2016 SanaTaleOfLife

A break up can happen for numerous reasons,  it can be a  betrayal, rejection, frequent fights etc.

After a break up a few common things girls follow.

  1. Listen to all sad songs

All of sudden your social media profile and your YouTube history will be filled with sad songs.
You become the ultimate Devdasni, and keep crying over the lost love and all of a sudden lyrics become more meaningful then the tune.

  1. Stalk his social media profile everyday

At times although you block him in rage of anger but after a while you unblock or login using other ids just to sneak at his profile what he is doing, has he got someone new? Is he feeling the same way like me?

  1. Call up close ones and cry heart out

Calls up best friend or your cousin or elder bro/ sister at any time be night 2am to tell what you going through.

  1. Retail therapy

To get over his memories you try to indulge yourself in some other activity like going for shopping, pampering yourself by visiting spa.

  1. Re-read all old chats

You keep recalling the old time spent and the memories and how happy you were together and to give false hopes to self that you might patch up, it looks like the usual everyday fight and read all the saved old chats and try to find a deeper meaning in each word/ sentence you had.

  1. Start doing things which he liked

He might have loved soccer , all of a sudden your curiosity to know more about  soccer  increases.

  1. Becomes an insomniac

You keep thinking about the past and not able to digest what happened and you are restless, sleepless, and during the day you keep sleeping , you stop eating food as well and few start taking sedatives, drinks to get over the lost love.

  1. Express your emotions over social media

All of a sudden you will start putting philosophical thoughts over whatsapp, fb, twitter.

  1. Try to make him jealous by rushing into another rebound relationship

All of a sudden you recall the guys whom you felt had interest in you, earlier when you were committed and try to mingle with them, you try to let him know that you are with someone else just to make him jealous.

  1. Pretend that you are happy

When someone tries to confront you, you say you are fine and the break up doesn’t make any difference, however, deep inside you have the pain. Yet you laugh and say to them “hey am alright its part of life and I don’t care anymore for him”.

Well, time heals everything though it is tough initially, you gradually recover all the pain and in fact a few years later are able to laugh off the old memories and everything you did following the break up. That is life!

As the saying goes whatever happens, happens for good.


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