The Scar

A Scar in your body is not ugly it rather  tells that you survived a battle”.

I am sure many of us have got wounds in childhood may be while playing, dancing or by accident. Some wounds got healed and  left with no scar or keloid  formation.

But few wounds are so deep that even after it got healed it left you with  a scar. So many products are available in the market stating themselves to be scar removal in few months etc few of them does work but few may not.

Medical science have really progressed alot but the cost is also on a very higher side. To remove a keloid from your injury may lead you to take steroid injection or plastic surgery which is of a very high value.Well many of us just ignore and go to the traditional way of applying almond oil or aloe vera.

But what i disliked about the fact is the way our society see a person.Nobody is perfect, we all are made by god few got good complexions and physique and few may have a wheatish so whats the fault they have here that people start segregating people basis color, marks etc.

I never thought much about this topic until i faced it. Oh ya i had been facing this since 2012 post my major accident which left me with a big scar in my right hand. well its in better shape and colour now compared to how it was with 38stitches and hell lot of injections and antibiotic course on which i survived for 45days.

Well when i was back home post my discharge, i saw lot of my neighbor aunties i was overwhelmed to see so many people to care for. well i was wrong totally these aunties didn’t come to see how i am doing indeed they came to make new set of stories of there own about how i met with the accident and trust me there were hilarious i must say they should become scriptwriters for some daily soaps people would love there creativity:D

It was like i was in a jail and been interrogated and the way they used words like isshh!! ohoho!! kya hogaya!!  etc  ab iski shaadi kaise hogi, etc i was laughing and there sympathetic words kind of made me feel mujhe AIDS toh nahi ho gaya :D. For me it was like i am the model in the house like whoever comes i just need to turn my hand remove the bandage show them my wounds etc. and start the recorder how i met with my accident followed by additional spices added as per every individual perception and sold in the market.rofl.

Then came the healing part well nobody can imagine the pain that wound and the antibiotic dose and the 3 time injections been popped on me whose pain lasted for so long that till date my that area is numb.

My wound dint give me that much pain which my scar gave. I had developed keloids which is basically when your body secrete excess of celluloid the cells become like lumps and they are ugly.My family ensured i visit few of the best dermatologist of Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai n Delhi well i did my round of visits only to hear about steroids and plastic surgery. I decided no more i am going to waste my money on these and decided let the scar be there its actually now my  identity in these years. Be the parlour i visit or the tailor i give my clothes for stitching they know there work what to do. People recall me for my scar. See the power of scar is so high then you 😛

I stopped wearing sleeveless which probably i use to wear maximum, i had to change my whole wardrobe post my accident and always a black shrug or jacket you will see me with. I cant wear shorts because of my another scar in knee.whenever i visit any new parlor the first thing been asked oh no how you got this wound and those looks on the lady face trust me made me feel i did a crime of having a scar.I got so much inhibitions when people in summers can wear what they want i have to struggle with full sleeve and always conscious nobody should see my scar.those initial 3years were terrible. I became timid and conscious wherever i go and hide myself with too many clothes or dupatta so nobody see my scar.I avoid social gathering someone marriage or going out to any club because the attire i have to wear is going to be different and i was tired of explanations.

There was  a guy i met for matrimony i was rejected by him solely because i had a scar in my hand.

That was like the last straw in fire i just packed my bag went to Kerala to meet my bestie and we together went in search of Ayurveda medicine 😀 rofl we didn’t get any great medicine but yes i got my confidence back of not to be scared and feel conscious about having a scar. Minnie helped me to learn how i should accept myself and encouraged me to move forward.Its normal every one has it is not something to be afraid of its your body its part of your now because just because you got it, you cnt cut this hand and go off.

Scar’s are beautiful see as i said people now recognize me well due to this USP. my scar is now in much better colour and shape and i m also used to it now. Now i do flaunt it whenever i can :D.

Accepting yourself and loving yourself is important never feel ashamed and droll your self because of body shaming by people. STAND UP FOR YOUR OWN.

You know the pain and struggle post accident you faced and you faced post surgery pains and these society way to look around things. Well i want to thank to all the aunties and the people who probably pushed me to forward altough in a other way but made me explore myself and love myself the way i am. I feel so proud about the fact i survived a battle of life and then the society. I remember when i was back and joined my work my boss said you a fighter a true tigress feel so proud you came with a bang !!. Thank you so much sir for those words whenever i am down i always recall  your words and encourage myself to push things because yes i am fighter and i know i have along way to go… so this is for all those people who might have a scar or any such disability dnt be afraid or scared love yourself and face the world.








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