The Need for Detoxification in Life!!!

I am sure many of us does things from time to time when they have an emotional turmoil or too much tired with drama and just need a break to detox themselves from all the overwhelming emotions. Few do  detoxification in terms of diet and eat things which are healthy for them.

Its a core thing which is needed.Being a typical capricorn lady i hate fake ness and fake concerns and  people with such character. I cnt take things and hate people who are not direct. we need to really grow up in life to focus on productive things which has value and add for our growth.The best thing one can do in this technology driven society is detox yourself from technology and trust me its just the best feeling in the world. It also show how much of self control you have within yourself when you probably were an addict. Detoxification also means to be away from drama. I was so full with negative things at one moment  the fact is its very tough for people like us who are spiritually awakened and we can read a person aura, because we just know whats the truth.

Being with fake people and fake things kind of give me the eeriee feeling. Whenever i get that i just shut my doors and escape for peace. Probably did something recently, I loved this place Chapora Fort in Goa and Marine drive in Mumbai the only two places which gives me immense peace. Whenever i want to detox myself i run away from everything and go there sit there quietly see the sunset and the sea and the breeze. Heaven on earth i believe. I prefer this lone time where its just me, myself and no people or any chaos. Haji Ali another place where i bestow my faith and my sessions with meditation or sipping my ice tea as i look to the worli sea link   these things gives me so much peace probably which i can never  explain.

I felt very happy and content when i met this girl from Russia  Suzi and this guy Mike in one of the cafe in Goa. We had some great conversations and the best part i gave to myself was keeping my phone off for 2 days :D.I love the food, music and people and i surrounded myself with nature and the beauty it carries. Well my this trip was different compared to my old trips to goa because i didnt connected with any of my friends during this time so for mumbai. I have like this bunch of people almost in every city and whenever i visit i ensure i meet them but this time i was like No !!!. this is my time my sole time for things. I needed this time solely for myself for my own healing and to start something new.

So, here i am back with a new found me with full of energy and ideas. I will make a huge change this year  indeed i started on the same and the feeling is so awesome and amazing !!. I like vintage things the vintage way to live life, the way to love and many such things. I love tht my dad gave me a greeting card on my bday and this was just the best gift i could get as i love this things.

I want t thank all the people who happen to call on my bday and pour your wishes m so glad.. I wish and pray you all do well in your life and may all your dreams come true this year:D.

Mantra: Keep yourself away from drama and believe in Karma:D Eat, travel and meditate:D


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