The Mitochondria Of My Life

I believe¬† after some 4month gap we happen to get time and to talk to each other today. Thanks a ton ‘ Kaddu”.

(Well i know many of my friends doesn’t know who is this hahaha ūüėõ Long story will tell some other day. He happen to be a very well known senior¬† executive person of a great company¬† due to privacy i cnt write the name)

I am so happy about the new development in your life and i really thank god for listening to my prayers and finally you are all set to go. Congrats to you and thanks as a gratitude through this page probably.

I never thought a talk about a business deal 4 yrs ago¬† will end up making us such amazing friends. They say of opposite attracts probably hold too strong and true in our case. While i was an extrovert and you¬† a homely body. I am super talkative and you a good listener. While you so matured and m still maturing. You super positive and me with my set of cribbing. While i was reactive and short tempered you super patient and calm like a seashore.If anybody asks me if i ever met a “Gautam buddha” in 21st Century i would definitely say yes i know one who is just out of the world like someone who is just so good. While you have no presence in social media apart from news in economic times ūüėõ and i was all over super addicted¬† to them and use to address you as a boring person. But yes i realized how wrong i was ūüėÄ

At an age where people are so unstable in mind in terms of life goals,finance and relationships goals. You someone who is so different and i feel some good karma i did in life that it ended me up meeting you and you changed me as a person. The life lessons i learnt from you is probably the best the person who just know me so thoroughly and can make it out with my voice whats in my mind and what will be my next reply for things.Our sarcastic comments at times followed by pushing and you guiding me to do things well in life.

We met at a time when probably i was undergoing my mid life crisis quite unsure to go ahead about my start up by leaving my corporate job or to pursue my passion and your that gyaan session wow!!  definitely  made me so calm and probably i became more matured in terms of my decisions in life. I felt a different calmness  the time i speak to you from solving my all issues related to work,my skill sets, my behavior  you had been a major catalyst to push me to do things.when i share things which looks like a maze  and complex you easily make it look like a cake walk and solve it in seconds i really dont know how such a magician you are.

I know i always give those taunts to you as future Mr CEO ūüėõ whenever you give the¬† Gyaan session and you always ensured and made me to make pointers before i talk¬† to you. The only person in the world¬† to whom i literally make pointers of the topics else i always go haywire. I crave to talk to you¬† like whenever m so lost but you such a busy soul now a days i have to take appointments from you.. But nevertheless its so refreshing to connect with you.See so much things changed between us while there was a time i could call you up anytime of the day and you use to answer¬†in spite of¬† your busy board meetings and how i use to¬† crib and¬† take my anger when you dont answer my calls wow i feel i came a long way from those stuffs.You literally use to tolerate¬† almost all my mood swings¬† specially my anger and you changed me to a “Gautam buddha” now. I m really surprised the way things changed and i cant stop laughing how much of a calm person i have become who now rarely gets angry like in rarest of rare case although i do get the outburst when m too filled but then i feel so good about the fact i really learnt to control my anger. All credit to you !!!I owe you big time for this ūüėÄ

While i use to talk about movies and all crappy stuffs about my office¬† issues or friends and you use to cut me off and make me talk about current market trends and business things. we were so different. While on weekend you read your business journals and give online exams i was busy going and chilling with my friends. I learnt the very essence of time management from you. I like the way you use to scold me for my over spending habits and trust me it helped me inculcating the habit of saving. I am so inspired by the way you built yourself a true “SELF MADE MAN” . I really appreciate you for the way you are and you are unique.

I really wish someday i get a chance to work with you and in the way you manage your things and schedule i really dont know if ever i can do that. Your dedication to work is something which is so inspiring. You helped me in pointing my faults and where i was going wrong and the way your positive aura is that something i never felt with anyone. As i always say how can you be so positive all day like since 4yrs i never saw you ever in a sad or irritated mood you so constant while i am such a variable whose curve is up down.

Thanks for being the most understanding person in my life and inculcating so many good things in me and making me a better person and i feel so proud about the fact that we are such great friends. And thanks for your motivation which made me to publish my first article publicly in 2015.While i was afraid to do so and my fear of criticism forced me to take a back step but you motivated and said me give a try  and i did. Well  i know you always read my blogs in spite your super busy schedule  :P.

Thanks for always being there to lift me up and encourage me with your positive vibes:D .


Mantra: Age is just a number its about the understanding that matters !! thanks KADDU¬† and wish you a very happy married life ūüôā¬†


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