The Journey towards Positivity!!!

Well being brought up in a moderate muslim family with strong ideology and principles incorporated in my roots.

Since, childhood my parents never enforced religious things on me while  they use to do there duty of regular prayers etc. I wasn’t much inclined towards religion or anything  of that matter i was way lenient and liberal in my approach for it. I was like i am god fearing and i am sure god will do good to me.

Well life was going smooth and i had always been able to get whatever i ever thought yes there were ups and downs but there was consistency. I always believe in myself in things i do i have a very adaptable mindset in terms of respecting people and respecting there religious beliefs.

Things slowly started fall apart for me during one phase of life where i was doing extremely well in my profession and social circle, i was travelling all across places whenever i felt like and did things as per my wish i was a happy soul. But tragedy strike i met with a major accident there was too much of chaos in personal life leading me to be upset. I dwell myself so much in self pity and grief that i started losing my own self worth.

There were phase where i became insomniac and i use to overthink and over analyse  about every expects like what is that i am facing that m not happy about as i had a amazing bunch of friends, family support and my dream of travelling and exploring places. I was  doing everything which any person in that age of life  does.

This was the time i came across someone like who probably  truly inspire and that when our path crossed and she said me a thing we all meet in some or other way in life probably to inspire and to give experience. She is a divine soul with a divine purity  and a powerhouse of positivity. During one of our interaction she made me realize what was that element which was stopping me to be happy like i am doing everything but still the feeling of happiness wasn’t there.

I got thorough guidance and then i started checking about various articles and thats when i attended few sessions on meditation, self healings, the power of divine god and the law of positivity. I started reading alot about how the law of universe works. We people get so busy in life that the only thing we do is crib about something not happening rather then cribbing why cnt we see a positive side of things let take it this way.

So, suppose the day i start for my work if i anticipate that ,oh i wont be getting a cab this is the message you sending to universe and it will end up in this way and you wont get a cab. Let change the outlook how to see things lets make it  wow!!! i am gonna get a SUV today to take me to office trust me it works and you will get it. I took a very long time to realize these things its about the outlook how we see things if we always keep saying no this wont happen not possible it means you have a blockage and you just dont want to try hard for things. If you change it like lets try and see something might work thats when you see a progress.

When there is a will there is a way its our own will power how we decide to take things forward.

Keep some time everyday for yourself say an hour to do meditation and things you love to do be reading, blogging, listening to music etc.These things enhances your growth your personal development and attributes and make you a better person to love yourself and then to do good to the society and the universe.

This journey definitely had its own set of up and down its not that you wont face hurdles you will like everyday but you will learn how to tackle and get over things . You will become  more positive rather then bothering what people think of you, the attitude will be i will do this as this makes me happy and my happiness is important then anything else.. Why do people get upset about things because they hold grudges, doesn’t express, residual feelings, being hurt , taunting other people etc the solution to this is  to let go of things. Let go of all your insecurities and look forward in life for a new beginning and forget and forgive those who has hurt you and let them go. Believe in the act of karma and your happiness,focus , peace of mind is important  then anything else.

S,o stay focus on your growth curve and things that makes you happy and give you peace. Do what your heart says and stay positive and blessed. Balance your energies whenever you can and stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Stay healthy !stay fit! groom yourself well  as it increases your confidence level and focus on your own life then comparing with others and what they doing. when we do that we will see the change. When you low listen to songs which uplift you then make you upset. look for opportunities in every problem and improve dnt see a problem as problem there is  I M possible in IMPOSSIBLE remember that.


Mantra: When life give you tough time tell to god not why me?? but Try Me!!! Stay Positive Spread love and happiness





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