The Book Which Revolutionized My Life !!!

Being a avid reader since my early teenage had been beneficial i believe in many forms. I always feel i am a jack of all trades. I always look forward to learn something new and interesting.Earlier times i use to love reading fictions, mystery one slowly it shifted to motivational an like wise.

It was during December when a friend of mine Jashoda  suggested me to read a book ” Heal your life” By Louise  Hay. I instantly went to amazon and read the reviews and placed the order for her three volumes: Heal your life heal your body and heal your mind.

I was super excited when the book arrived at my office like any day. I dont know i have this crazy love and excited whenever a new book arrives my mom always says i jump like a small kid when they get icecream… Hahaha :P.

I always try my best to finish the book as soon as i get time. My thing is i can concentrate at one thing at a time if i am into reading my whole focus and strength will be on reading only . If its for cooking then for it i cant do multitasking i had always been bad. Once it happen mom was out and asked me to cook and i was busy reading a book i thought i could manage both thing together. Yes you right disaster happens and there was fire and it ensured to ring the fire alarm in my building in few minutes security guards were at my door to check if i am safe:P

Hillarious right well part of life :D.

So, i got the book and i couldn’t resist myself and i started reading it on my way back in cab.Honestly i had no clue that  this book is going to change my life and perspective in such a wonderful way. I really appreciate you Late Louise hay for helping millions across the planet with your this book and trust me its by far the best book i read on human  emotions.

The amazing thing is it tells us the core wounds which we have and help us to identify them and then work on it accordingly. We often are not aware of the main cause of issues we have in life and thus we not able to identify them and cnt resolve.

I recall from early teenage i have issues of acne and till now like when i am an adult i have this leaving me with ugly blemishes which had become a permanent resident on my face:P.I went to the best of dermatologists and applied all possible things on face to get rid of this. I got all my blood tests and all kind of hormonal tests done still the problem doesn’t solve. It would  go or lighten till i use the medicines then again it reappears.

I got to know the reason for this it happen when we have a dislike to ourselves and hate to accept  the way we are. So yes i had a low self esteem or i can say inferiority complex since childhood because of my complexion and face i was made fun in lot of social events and even to the extend i was rejected in VJ hunt which broke me. Well it really took me very long to know the core cause and trust me the moment i got to know i started working on my self esteem and how i overcome this specially about my looks. All the comments, judgments, people opinion kept coming in my mind throughout who made fun of my looks.  because of the judgments that had been passed i never felt like ever looking at mirror i use to avoid. Wherever i go i use to feel super conscious about myself my looks. I was a tomboy throughout my school and college. I never did make up thanks to my sensitive skin. I never liked anything about myself. I used to get super conscious if anyone compliment me for smile, dress of anything for me it was always unreal.But things changed eventually.

As the saying goes “ SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE”

I started working on myself. I changed my thoughts and started grooming myself  and in few days i see the changes my acne is getting healed by itself which is magical which  never happened in decades time without anything.

I started appreciating almost everything everyday i always ensured to praise about my one feature and say in front of the mirror ” I Love you sana you are beautiful Just be the same as you are always “.

There was a quote by Mr Paulo Coelho :

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

Something similar happened  i got few amazing messages from my close friends and  which includes the  beautiful song from one direction ” You Beautiful”. My heart felt gratitude to  the amazing person who sent the amazing video recently which definitely lit  me up :). And to my cutie pie Roman for saying those kind words ” Manu masi you are beautiful and amazing”.:)

Now i can feel the change around me and things going so good. I strongly believe now a thought can change your life and trust me it works. I know initially we all will be reluctant but trust me keep your focus and stick by it and it helps.

I started writing my affirmations on my bday and today on 19th feb i just compared the picture i clicked with my friend on 2nd Jan and the picture i clicked today i definitely can see the changes.

P.S will upload pictures soon :D:D:D

I cnt thank you enough for your book its magical !!! I am much more confident and strong now then what i was before.


Mantra: You truly can heal yourself with just positive thoughts!!!


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