The Bad Act of holding Resentments!!!

I really dnt know what making me write this in between my work may be m just not able to get over the fact about set of people whom probably i would say in true terms as “Jerk”. I am someone who dont use abusive language be in verbal or written until forced to the maximum of my threshold. It really takes a lot of time for someone to anger me. There is an incident which happened to  a friend of mine and this really got into my nerves as i happen to know both of them very well.

During my life journey i learnt many things out of which the biggest two things i learnt from my “Grandmaster”  is always have gratitude towards people who in some or other way crosses your path and always be positive in your look out think positive, breathe positive and spread positivity.

I know everyday challenges bring our energy vibration down we meet people who talk about others and that the only thing left in life kind be at work, events etc but what we should look forward is how to cut our self off from these gossips etc and indulge in our things and keeping ourselves charged up for the day and being productive.

I fail to understand one thing we all do invest ourselves with individuals we meet financially may be emotionally. an emotional investment is lot more costlier then a financial as financial is something you can again earn when your healthy but emotional investment definitely drains your vibration energies  surrounding you if it goes bad and you are hurt and if its good and mutual then it gets charged up 10X.

Human nature is we meet people for sometime and some moments we should be in this nature to speak our heart out and communicate properly so things are smooth between the individuals be friends, partners.

I will talk about emotional investments which we do these are natural feelings we feel for someone we get attracted towards someone may be in a romantic way these are the signs of universe and its organic on which we dnt have control. Often post an emotional investment things may go wrong due to egos clashes, abusive behavior, understanding and trust issues. If i talk about emotional investment in romantic relationship then both the party gets hurt due to many issues but things can be work out if they put same effort  from both party if not its ok we need to move on in life and not hold resentments.

Problem happens when one person move on  without a closure and  holds resentments and sometime it happens to the extend that people remain evil minded and revengeful even after ages may be a 10yrs time frame.

We all change everyday the way we look forward in life the experiences we have and eventually we grow and matured  and learn the act of let go and focus on ourselves which is the best way to see things and which gives peace of mind to self. In life your own happiness and peace of mind matters to you more then anyone else.

When you hold resentment you breaking your own peace of mind. let go of things and people who never mattered you will be wasting your productive time thinking on people who not worth it and holding for a decade is a sin i would say because its you who is not happy in life and not enjoying.

As i was saying about the individual  “JERK”, this is again a mutual friend story i cnt say the name here but i can definitely share the story. So out of humanity my friend happen to help Mr Jerk when he was in need of money without a second thought about anything in spite this is the same individual who broke her trust 10 yrs back. Rather then gratitude this individual acted like a Jerk when she asked her money back after the stipulated time frame he promised to return back. He came with excuses and then tried playing the victim game  and things were uncontrollable  and motto he had was not to return the money back to her . It was her hard earned money so she had the rights to ask back  and then  eventually she learnt the reason that this  individual still holds grudges about old things which eventually she has got over and no more has any importance in life.But he holds rather then focusing about the money he took and be thankful to her he was more into a phase like why you threatening me etc. Funny right thats how are people in today’s world.

Live life to the fullest holding grudges will never get you any were we need to forgive and forget things  and be happy. But yes also to be cautious not to repeat things which will lead you to a state where you are upset.

I really wish and pray  people grow up and be vocal and clear about there feelings and dont hesitate to speak up there mind. Do meditation it helps not for others for yourself and for your inner peace.

Mantra: Life Live to the fullest!! Resentment will dwell you in  a dig… move on  life is big… Stay Positive and spread Happiness


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