The Act of Cowardliness -Suicide

Its been a while i couldn’t write here anything due to my prior commitments to work and family.

There is something which kind of disturbed me alot last night. I couldn’t understand what was going inside me i was angry, super furious  there was weird kind of heaviness in my chest and i probably could have hit a punching bag so hard till i break my knuckles.

This happened because of the  news of one of my acquaintance whom i met 3 yrs ago happen to commit suicide.All i could recall her is she been a very jolly and cool girl who prioritize with herself and her career.

I got to know through my friends the reason was she had a broken engagement a couple of months when she found her fiancee to be cheating on her and then her career kind of wasnt going well and she been getting rejected one after another auditions.

But do these failure in life can cause so much of imbalance in life that she took the hardest step to take her own life??  why such a steep decision, why couldn’t you sit back and discuss with your family or friends if you were so upset about things.

I am surprised because this girl was a very tough and a straight forward girl. Can  a broken relation give you so much of wound that lead you to take your own life?? can a failure in career makes you defeat so badly.


Life is full of surprises every day is a challenges each of us face new things and new challenges we need to give our best and face it then acting or taking such drastic step. Its ok something isnt happening today may be something better is awaiting for you, you need to stop rushing and find calmness in your mind if its in so much of confusion or depression. I know often we feel we can take up every damn responsibility of life in our own shoulders and when we cant get or deliver we feel frustrated now this is where your real will power testing happens. Its how you face and take things ahead. My anger is on her that she could have spoken her heart out ok not to your immediate friends but i am sure each of us has one person in life with whom we share a closeness and honest about everything the one who dont judge us, the one who can support us.

Why didn’t you do that girl i really wish u had the courage to stand up and face things thne doing this it not just hurt your closed one it also proved how weak were you. I am against those people who say you are brave for me you are  just a coward who cant face things in life.

Your soul cnt rest in peace by the act which you did . Life is so beautiful it has many shades you need to be patinet enough to face and feel the different colors and vibrations.


Mantra: Speak up when you upset dnt let Negativity get into you and make  you fall off  a cliff.




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