Tale of 3 girls

Bangalore Known as the “Garden city of India” one of the cosmopolitan city with more number of mixed and 90% outside state crowd.the Hub of IT & BT and numerous industry.Many come for studies,jobs few to be away from home:P and few as they are married to the so called IT guys  or vice versa…Climate being the best here nothing can beat it so do the taste of Filter coffee early morning along with Masala Dosa and Vadai.Night life not as it use to be 3 years back. From Deepika padukone to Mahesh Bhupati to Rahul Dravid all grown up here does make a good place for young socialite and College goers to try for oppotunities.From the corner house DBC to Cool Joint sandwich many places for foodies.

Three Angels Step into the new city.Unknown to each other from totally different background to Different nature and attitude.

Arti: The head on Arrogant girl with loads of attitude who is just frustrated with her personal as well as Professional life. For whom the life changed after few major setbacks in life which changed her  completely different from the bubbly,bold.straight forward easy go lucky character during her early days..to a rude,blunt and emotional fool

.Ragini: In search of peace ran away from all old things to find new opportunity and experiment something adventurous In life.away from the busy life of the dream city .with dreams in eyes.

Dimple:Youngest of all half of the time stay quite thinking what she needs to do in life.worked with highly renowned artists. is clear about what is required in future but confused about present.for whom do what you need  and what makes you happy ryt now is the motto for life,so when the three enters the city in search of flat finally they findH  No 32, 6th main Indiranagar and then the journey begins how they tackle with daily things and how they grew up together and made things work for themselves being with each other and had the best laugh and cry together..Intro tak itna hi dekhtey rahiye aagey aagey hota hai kya 😀 when the three become friends and how life changes for them  .

Year 2016

After 3 long years three of them relocated to different cities and ensure to meet each other every year.so did the bond they shared. in these 3 yrs many things changed.

arti: she became calm whatever anger she had she started articulating in positive energy in form of her hobby.attended many events on self motivation. today she is a matured, serious individual who knows comepletely what she is and with a strong power to read others. earlier she was very defensive and rude n over cautious.still she is cautious but then she learnt to forgive and forget and take things as it comes. she is doing good professionally and on personal grounds. keeping the fear of rejection at bay and with a new found energy of positivity within herself which is making her the old fun spirited individual,now she deals with things in a matured way via effective communication and also became understanding how every individual is different.she took a break from her old job went for a short trip across few countries and now quite happy in what she is doing.hopeful about life and meeting alpha .

Ragini: She now have a purpose of her life and clear about what she needs and to face things boldly in life. she is now a renowed photographer owns her own firm and also as producer.she is making herself good as an individual and keeping herself motivated and optimistic.she followed her heart n acheived what she dreamt 3 yrs ago.

Dimple: She is doing her round being a well known socialite. still confused about present but enjoying what she is doing and started taking things lightly. she has started becoming a taker then being a giver.she still does the best moves like a jelly fish :P.

So, on a  long run its on individuals how they gel well and how they make things and changes each other life and become a pillar of support, today when arti msgs a “hmm” to ragini she cn instantly knows what gng. friendship is not always about having outing together or talking all the time, it also about having respect for each other , understanding and to stand by each other. end of the day world is a stage where each one comes to play there role. our intuitions and our intentions makes a difference. it about what we know a bond which is so selfless makes things goes well so much, a mere friendship of 4 mnths staying under same roof and having a bond longing for 3 yrs has diffenence where we may knew ppl from the age of 3 but we just cnt connect with them.three of them also had arguments fyts and hurted each other over something but they ensured they cleared things which probably made them stay close and feel secure in each other company. as we grow old we learn who are the people we want to be with and who are not meant to be. everyone lack some or other things but what matters is how we make effort to sustain a bond with the imperfection each one of us has and how we stay happy:) because nobody want to be sad we came to live life and to enjoy every moments and its on us what we need happiness or sadness basis that we surround ourselves with people:)

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