Story of we four- Real life YJHD

Did it ever happen to you in life you go to watch a movie and then you fall in love with it every time u watch it because the story line is just the same as your real life.

Well i had amazing Deja Vu moment whenevr i watch “Ye Jawani hai Deewani” it was released post when we 4 friends went in our way in life.

Let me share this story of we four, i get goosebumps when i think of us.I am sharing this story in my blog as an act of gratitude probably for these 3 wonderful friends  and the time we had which is irreplaceable. Seriously memories are like a box of ferraro rocher once you open u cnt just have one piece.

All character names changed here for privacy  and similar to YJHD:D

Year 2011: May 25

I shifted to Bangalore and joined my new company. Bank jobs you know and when you are  new then  your managers ensure you do all the ground work things specially tele callings.

So, i happen to call the first person in the list provided the name is ” Bunny”. I dialed the number  the other person answered and it was a great “Macho” voice i must say.

I said can i please speak with Mr Bunny??  He answered :  yes , bunny here.

Then i continued with my template on the products  i have to pitch. Well he was a sweet guy answered me very well and then said he would like to go for a credit card, i said sure and confirmed the timing when he was available so i send my executive to get his application collected.

It was a rainy day probably it was 2nd week of june as i could recall. i need to do a follow up call so as i started calling and  Bunny name came and i called so he answered and very cutely asked for my name and then he said i asked for a card they gave no worries but what is the limit he gave just 30k which i will spend in just one week. i was surprised as per eligibility he definitely should have got a very high limit i said will get back  to u on this sir etc.then after too much of those jazz of counselling him, he calmed down and said ok so will you mind sharing  your number i must say you have a very sweet voice why dont you try to be an RJ. we had a great conversation about about where abouts.

It was around 7.30 pm i got a call from bunny and very politely he asked is it a good time to talk to Ms Banker?? i said yes, off course if its personal then if official the time is up we both had a laugh.Then we just had a great talk and this followed by funny calls  and conversation, msgs etc we became good friends. we added each other in social media also. I never thought that a change is going to come in my life while i meet this one guy. I had a break up and i just healed myself that time and was back to Bangalore and was super busy with career and meeting my old friends and exploring. While i was resistant in meeting few people and making new friends but things changed eventually.

I was same like Naina always a nerd and too much into study and do things as per the rules and regulations set by my elders. A typical old school girl who was a big time ” Fattu” (coward in hindi) to try any new things. My life was set like i planned this  it has to happen in this  year only  and nothing new i wanted to experiment and experience a typical boring girl.

I have a friend and colleague Aditi and we both shared an amazing friendship i shared with her about Bunny and she use to tease me oh Mr Credit card 😛 I use to laugh like nothing of that sort he just a friend.

27 july 2011:

I get a call from Bunny asking where i am and its friday night. I said at office will be going home just completing my work given by my manager and i have work tomorrow so will have dinner and sleep. He was like ..Naina u sounding so like a grandma. I will be in indiranagar by 7pm sharp get ready we need to see each other.

I got the shock of my life , i was having water  and it went out i was  like what was that now and i looked at the watch it was 6.05 already. I was shocked i ran to aditi and said damn he is coming she was like who Mr Credit card i said yes i cnt believe he will be here in like few minutes how do i manage i need to got to home change and then go damn i am not ready. I need to check for my lenses damn the stock is also out. i was like so nervous what will be his reaction if he sees me damn m so short as i saw his pics in fb he looked tall. She said relax go home right now and i will ask my friend to drop you home and then she called her bestie who dropped me home and i just messaged him dude its raining i am bit struck in rain so let meet at 7.30 pm he said cool i will even m struck in traffic the time was 6.40pm. I reached home and the speed at which i got ready  i cnt explain.

Well i got ready in like minutes and was near my home and it was raining heavily holding my umbrella. I called him where you bunny?? he was like buddy wasup ??almost very near to you he is very good with his cheesy lines at time i must say that. as i saw his Auto coming near the domlur flyover and i was waiting near BBQ nation and he called oh the girl in pink kurta i love pink. I was like ok i was very hesitant and was not sure may be way conscious about the i look etc. So i got inside the auto oh man he is so tall like around 6.1 and i felt good about the fact it was always my dream to see the guy whom i will go for date to wear white shirt and blue jeans. Man i was like impressed.

So, we headed to a club there. well i am not used to clubs or the culture i am very rigid about it like my circle of friends were different. He pulled the chair for me i liked that gesture  and being a short height person my legs refused to touch the floor it was like hanging in air. He asked me what you want to order i said water melon juice he laughed out and like are you sure i said ya i am sure about it. we spoke but i was not comfortable because of the loud music and things and the fact me wearing a kurta in a place where everyone were well dressed  in shorts and gowns.

He could figure it out so he asked me you not comfortable right i said ya m not use to it he said its ok tell me the place you are use to we will go there i said cool done.Well we went out and i felt so comfortable i took him to a Hyderabadi restaurant and we had haleem and biryani and followed  by walk in the rain. Wow !!i loved that moment and how we both spoke and laughed. He pulled the chair for me in the restaurant and i went to sit in the other chair and he gave me that shocking face i just looked at him and said sorry i am not use to it and we both laughed. We shared an amazing laugh and good time i felt so happy baout this unknown stranger and he was so good. we shared our college life stories how much of a foodie he is  that he had 32 rotis once post which his canteen person limited the rotis to 2/person.

So, slowly we started to meet each other more frequently like almost every alternate days and then i introduced aditi to them and he introduced us to  Abhi.

Together we people literally have gone and done amazing stuffs like i cnt tell u be doing late night party, bike drives at 120km/hr, dancing on street, tussle with auto drivers,stealing things from someone else table,dance till the night ends, ensuring giving weird dares to each other in public places,  entering abhi’s office at night 1 am and stealing the juice bottles. To piss at someone house at night 2am and singing songs loudly, helping the girls when our legs use to pain and holding  our stilettos.Abusing in an open area all the people we hate  in top of my voice so we  feel good about the fact we can take our stress out. breaking traffic rules and 3 people in one bike. Making the cafe people to dance with us crazily having the unlimited fun and laughter together.Late night Maggi and pink floyd songs at background.Long drives to TN and playing pranks, Driving crazily in between bursting  crackers  in Diwali. Playing drums at night loudly and next day the landlord ensured to ask to vacate the place.

My life took a complete U turn with my meeting with them, as i write this a different smile a smile which  has love and so much of bliss comes automatically.I was a changed person all together i became fearless about to express myself and try new things mingling and making new friends and gelling well with people. I worked on my trust issues and i can see not all people are bad we can trust them.

Bunny said me one thing you are a person to love not meant for flirting and trust me when i watched this movie YJHD the same dialogue popped and i was like  What??. He taught me basic lessons of life about how to be our self, love ourselves and accept our own self and enjoy every moment make memories and see a life which is beyond set rules. rules are meant to be broken and we are free birds who are here to live it. He was my couple entry pass 😛 for any music event but the moment we enter he goes to mingle with others. Meanwhile aditi and Abhi parted.then It was me, bunny and aditi  our alternate days meeting became once in week stuff due to our schedules.

I remember those small moments and gestures where bunny taught me why we should love ourselves and live in present. He was probably the first guy in my life who gave me a rose and said to me this is for the most beautiful chasmish girl who deserve all happiness in life in all shapes and forms because she is not just internally beautiful but externally also.

My personality changed i became more warm and friendly and a daring one who dnt leave any moment not to live her life. Ask me any day anything which i hvnt experimented almost everything. I cherish those beautiful moments where someone made me feel so good and taught me a major lesson on self worthiness and how good i am as a person. it not just boosted my confidence but my love for myself and till date whenever we speak i always say man you changed my outlook about life. I started living my life in present and became a positive person who believe in her own abilities  and know everything happens for a reason and for positive outcome.

I really miss u bunny, aditi and abhi and i am happy for the fact you guys doing amazingly well in life. I definitely will wait for our great reunion someday  and our favorite songs playing at back ground and we dance  like how we use too 😀

Unlike YJHD we never fell in love with each other, we liked each other company and the friendship we shared it cant be expressed in words. Truly said we cross paths with people so they get the best out of us. I ensured and saw life in a different way so whenever i see a group of 4 people all my memories with my 4 comes in my mind. We planned to go for the most adventurous  things bungee, skydiving and scuba diving well Zindagi Na Milegi dobara came very much late then what we planned. Abhi and Aditi tried it now its me and bunny who are left probably he will also do in next few months. So i believe 2018 i need to get this done from my bucket list.  Thanks for being those amazing bundle of joy in my life. And my dearest Bunny for your advice always and i still have that rose in my magic  box :):) and our pictures together in my room wall  framed in the way i said to you 🙂


Mantra: Overcoming your own deepest fears will ensure to make you  a better updated version of yourself.








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