Spartans -D untold story!!

Year  2004-05


“34 winning trophies”, 37 stage shows across major cities of east and north.the only name 8 years ago was known and all major dance group were afraid was  of “SPARTANS“. the gang of 6 teenagers in the City of Joy ” KOLKATA”.


Wherever they go they set the stage on fire Major opponent being “BRUNOS”. from major School and college fests to the local dance shows they have not let their moves to be forgotten in the mind of the people.



SPARTANS was a Dance group formed by 6 friends who were the best of buddies way back in 2004.Currently they all are in self imposed exile away from the showbizz and little does people knows about there real identity.Nobody even knows why the group separated on 15th jan 07


  • Sana:Youngest of all, Easy go lucky ,fun loving,sweet,amazing dancer,regional badminton player.who loves travelling for whom dance was her life and till date she does make moves whenever she is in front of mirror:P. Freestyle being her strength. A medical aspirant who ended up taking a Bank job who left dancing and badminton since Jan15 07
  • Anamika: Craziest of all,u cannot stop laughing if she starts talking,loves to pull sana’s legs evrytime she get a chance,well trained Classical Dancer and basketball being her favorite sports.wanted to be a Vet currently in the same field
  • Ashu: The Intelligent among the all.national level Squash player,Net addict,  An IITian and his favorite hobby being painitng.Hiphop being his favorite dance form.Currently working with an MNC
  • Adi: Chiku aka adi a gadget freak,computer addict who was one of the biggest hacker those days hacking the mail ids of the people he hated,his life revolved around girls and girls and girls from pooja to dooja. He was a ” Jerk” for the girls he dated but  he he was yaaron ka yaar for his group.,playing guitar and singing being his favorite and he use to do the fusions and editng for th group.
  • Kunal: A friend who had been sana’s bestest bro apart from her own bro sahil. who always had been with her pampers her. A Xavierite  and well known in college for his intelligence and Looks yes ladies he was the hunk of Xaviers.Kmaya was his girlfriend with whom he was in love madly deeply.Currently he in US with Kamya and has a 2 year old kid.One of the finest Contemporary Dancer.
  • Adil😀 eldest of All the lead choreographer.he had been focussed and he knwos what he wants from his team,a true leader,motivator,friend ,bro all in one all use to call him “Bhai”.Currently Married and settled in Malyasia with two kids.

In the year 2004 26th  december when tsunami striked the coastal areas of indonesia and few parts of southern India. everywere people cries could be heard, news channels papers all were fully fledged only with the Tsunami News.


There in one corner of Jodhpur Park the ” SAPARTANS” were practicing hard for the upcomign fest “Umang” of Bhawanipoore Education Society.


Sana & Ananmika are classmates and inspite of there Preboard Exams around the corner they came for practicing evryday for 2hours unlike there batchmates who were busy mugging the books.


Ashu came for his vacation he wanted to join them for the next performance and also his team to perform in the upcomign DU fest.


Kunal and Adi along with Adil bhai were trying to select the songs for the same.Kamya busy reading her sidney Sheldon book.


Sana,Anamika and ashu were trying to finsih there physics project work which submission was due on 15th jan.


Ashu and sana were non separable being the besties from long tym altough ashu was an year elder to her.they can talk on phone for hours. earlier during school time whn only landlines were there and sana will always keep money separately  from the pocket money she use to ge from her dad in order to buy BSNL calling cards to call ashu.and every day they use to write long long mails to each other.


So the fusion is ready and adil plays the music and then the practice starts. the rehersals goes on on till 8 then sana n anamika(anu) have to leave as they have thr pre board exam and their parents hv started calling them.

Sana: Guys gtg else my mom will kick me out of house.

anu: same here will c u tomorrow then

adi : hey wait i will drop u both its late and ashu u nid a lift ya khud chala jayega.

ashu: baccha thodi hun kho jaungi,chal free ka lift de raha hai man kyu karun.

sana was smirking 😛

then they head towards the car  and adi drops both the girls bck home and then leave with ashu.

adi: yar asu kya socha hai tu toh set hai na pura.. u wanted to do engineering from IIT u got in,my mom always says ashu se sikh kuch kya yar main toh padhne se raha ek kaam hota hai tharakana n u knw me hw i m 😛 (winks).

Ashu: dekh mujhe chahiye the maine kiya sabka alag hai..u will also shine and do something grt n tht day my mom will say dekh adi se sikh kuch;)

adi: kya tharakna:p

both laugh out loudly.

finaly he drops ashu at his house both say a bye.

11 pm : Tym for group chat at yahoo messenger:( oh ya tht was the tym for messengers in 05:P)

sana: hey hw u guys mera dimag kaam nahi kar raha i cnt solve those stupid physical numbericals:

anu: chill meri jaan dimag mat laga ratta mar

ashu: bol kya nahi aa raha ?? wch topic i will teach u4

adi: bakwas bandh karo lt talk smhtng else,u knw i new girl in my locality

all in chorus: shut up adiiiiiiiiiiii:P

sana: ashu really missed u so much happy u r back ab padha mujhe

anu: ya man really missed u..but han sana se less;)

adi: lo kar lo baat ghar ki murgi daal barabar mujhe toh koi miss nahi karta…

sana : adi rehne de list bolun kya;)

then they discuss about studies stuff then the topic goes for the dance rehersals and new songs wch cn be added  and wch new moves and concept cn be added. it went till 12.

sana: hey all going to sleep too late kal school hai n exam bhi will catch u guys for rehersal after tht

anu: ya man chal sana mrng uth akr revision mar lete hai

ashu/adi: all d bst our future doctors way to go:P


today 2014 sana sitting in terrace turning back the pages of her diary. things changed so much all 6 people separate in their own life,from the limelight to an was tough but then things turned so ugly.

fame, money everything at a young age these youngster got,today barely peoiple remeber the members but know only the group name.

Year 2017


Sana is back to the city and happen to go to a fitness studio. Met a lean guy named Yaman who happen to be her  instructor just over a casual conversation  happen to recognize her and asked you were part “Spartans”. Sana was awestruck that someone knows her after 12 yrs.Its a great feeling world is so small that we often meet few people from old chapters and the feeling of reminiscing is just so awesome.

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