So Far Away!!!

So Far Away!!!!

April 16, 2016


Time square:2016 PC:Reep


Time Square: 2007 PC: Amaan

God is the creator of everything, from a small ant to Human . As Shakespeare said  the world is a  stage and we all human being come with our own destiny to play our role  and go. Few have a wonderful happy life few have miserable. Nobody can define and judge for others life. Every person is important and so do their roles.

We come to the world alone and die alone. When we come out of our mom womb she bears the pain and still bring us to the world with happiness and when we die again we have people who shed tears for us.

Life is quite a roller coaster ride. With lots of up and down. We  human, are the creator and  maker for our own life. We cannot blame everything on someone
When we come to the world we get familiar to our family our dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, brother sister, uncle, aunt. Only two relations which we build and are unknown to us are “FRIENDSHIP N “RELATIONSHIP.
Oh yes, we all keep searching for our best man or the best girl  after adolescence.
Friends we make and keep making throughout our life beginning from school to graduation then masters and neighbourhood then people from work. Few stay for life few until the time been.

We all human are selfish in our own way until somebody is a very humble or a saint. Which is equal to non-existence in today’s world?
Family always has its own stand and importance in our life they are the pillar of strength for us in every phase. Then come friend’s .but end of the day when we think of someone or the special somebody who just touches our heart become more important than anybody else in the world.
We all like to get loved and care. Parental love and friends love is pivotal but again we always look for somebody special somebody who is just made for us and that’s where the world go round and round.
Most of the love stories have a happy ending and the tag as in the end of the movie “they Lived Happily ever after “.
The year 2005:
Amaan  a 1st Year Mechanical Engineering student of IIT Madras , a lead vocalist and guitarist of his college Band. He is a  bright student and a diehard Manchester United fan, passionate about Cricket. The most popular guy of his batch who is a favourite  of  professor’s  to the canteen guy. A street-smart guy  with his own  charisma .
He hails from Dilwalon ke seher “Delhi”. As his semester exams got over he was back to home for his vacations.
Back then I was a 17yr old studious, timid tomboy kind of girl. I was busy those days for my upcoming Medical entrance exams. I was academically a bright student and dance was my passion. I was very selective about the people I talk. I never use to express my emotions.
An accidental meet on 15january 2005 in yahoo chat messenger, the only place those days to communicate and make chatting friends. I was completely a newbie to the web world. Happen to get a ping asking Asl ?? from a random id Amaan_love. We chatted for a while and then exchanged mail ids. I didn’t bother much about this random stranger and then got back to my routine life.

My entrances got over and then I cleared the PMT and got a good rank in AIEEE for engineering although the later was not my priority so dropped. Prepared well for the PMT mains but sadly I couldn’t get a good rank. Hence, dropped the plan and opted for other stream and moved to Bangalore. Meanwhile, I got busy with college,hostel mates, exploring the new city.

After few months, I remember in September 2005 I happen to check my mail id and I could see there was a mail from Amaan  with subject line hey and the content was just one liner.
“hey priya70, how you doing?? this is Amaan_love remember we had a chat in yahoo.
Well for me it was like bit awkward of a stranger sending a mail after so many months and asking hereabouts, Initially, I ignored didn’t bother to respond then somehow one day I suddenly opened the mail and replied him back stating “I am doing good, how are you up to nowadays.
After that day replies it followed by an exchange of one-liners mails between us, asking how the day go.
Finally, a day came in December 2005 when Amaan  sends me a mail asking for my phone number.
I don’t know if I should have blamed his timing or my stars.unfortunately, I lost my phone previous day.
So I wrote back to him mentioning the same. However, He felt offended as for the first time he asked a girl for her number. So,he wrote back it’s ok if you don’t want to share you could have been honest then lying ,I am not dumb to not understand.
I disliked the way he wrote as I am a person who doesn’t lie and I said him straight forward what has happened so my female ego was at a peak and we didn’t write any mail to each other for a week. Finally, a day I managed to get my seniors number and shared the same with him.
He called up and the first time I heard his charming voice, we were nervous for the initial few minutes then slowly it was getting better and we spoke for half an hour. Then the routine daily calls happened and just felt as if we knew each other from ages then the calls went for hours and followed by texting throughout the day.
Slowly we were getting close, there was an instant liking towards each other and a strong intuition followed probably he is the guy I wanted to be with.
A year passed finally Amaan  visits Bangalore and proposes for which I reciprocate then our  love blossomed.
The year 2007:
Amaan   got a chance to do his Internship at Regina University in Canada, he was excited, so was I  but the months of separations pain was there.

I went to see him off, we hugged before he was getting inside the airport and tears started rolling my eyes. He hugged me tight and said,I am just moving to another country for just a few months not becoming a star that you crying ,your tears are precious. don’t waste to let them flow like this, now give me a smile, can I get permission from my girl now to go inside else I have to miss my flight.
I said ok , although with a heavy heart and said don’t forget to get my favourite raspberry dark chocolates when you come else I will kill you. He said as you command madam, I will get that for you.
When he reached for the first week we were talking a lot with all our missing you messages and mail.
Slowly, the hourly calls reduced but we managed to write emails to each other every day and chat over yahoo messenger for half an hour minimum.
Amaan  makes a visit to New York City and Los Vegas. Wherever he went he ensured to take best possible pictures he can in his newly owned cam. So that he can collate them and send to me.
One day I get a CD with a video of him playing his guitar singing one of our favourite songs and with a lovely love you note.
Hey there,
What’s it like in New York city?
I’m a thousand miles away
But, girl, tonight you look so pretty
Yes, you do
Times Square can’t shine as bright as you
I swear it’s true”
Hey there,
Don’t you worry about the distance
I’m right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice, it’s my disguise
I’m by your side
Oh, it’s what you do to me

Another CD had all the pictures he took during his NY and Vegas trip with a beautiful note inside of how much he missed me and looking forward to visiting Times Square together and a walk near the Hudson Bay in future.
Slowly, time went and the perfect understanding between us started becoming worse. Amaan  wasn’t able to give time and I also got busy with my upcoming college fest events for which I  was the choreographer and event coordinator.
Our timing was clashing and so were the talks as most of the time the when he calls I will be in rehearsals. Then the time I get free he will be in his classes. Due to this loads of misunderstanding happened and we had heated arguments very often. Yes, long distance is not so easy to handle.
Finally, the day came when he called me up and said I will be coming tomorrow, after all, the longing days and distance and the issues we had finally today I am going to come to see my life.
And said three magical words which probably we didn’t say since long.
Now, I will be in front of you fight as much as you want to fight.
I couldn’t hold back my tears then and wished if I could see him right in front of me, I would have hugged him.
Finally, he is coming back and our world will become beautiful and perfect again.
The adrenaline rush was high for both of us as we were going to see each other after 6 months.
Amaan  reached the airport and suddenly remember I had asked him to get my favourite countryside homemade raspberry dark chocolates.

So, he went back again to the shop to buy the chocolates. Meanwhile, he was telling to Dhruba (His friend) buddy!! I am going to see my girl in a day I can’t tell you how much I love her, and I am dying to see her. I am waiting for the day when we settle in our careers and then get married.
He buys the chocolates and as soon he rush to get in his taxi then suddenly a high-speed car hits him.
He collapses in the road immediately. Dhruba takes him to a hospital only to be pronounced he was brought dead.
Meanwhile, I was excited to wear the dress which Amaan  had gifted me on my B’day. I got a call from Dhruba and I was informed about him.
I remember when we walked out of the cinema, the streets as silent as ever and you took my hand in yours; nothing had ever felt so right to me before but at that moment I knew, you were something special.
I fell with him, the tears rolling down my face and all I could think was, ‘not you, not now, please give me more time.’
All hopes, dreams, shattered for me .Everything about the perfect life the perfect pair all perfection went and the tears which once he said the precious started rolling.
I confined myself to a house for a year to get over him.Eventually, I completed my masters, not a single day passed when I couldn’t get over his face, his voice, his smile and the dreams we saw together.
The year 2016:
Today I am a head strong lady whom nobody even thinks of arguing.
I left dancing forever and it’s been 9yrs I never touched chocolates.
I indulged myself, so much in work I forgot I have to look ahead in life about many things.
Deep inside I realised love happens just once.
The person I have loved truly was only him, who is shining as a bright star today watching me from far above the sky.
Today also he is shining much brighter than Time square.
In all these years I became more talkative, friendly person, I ensure to  keep everyone around me happy. The complex guilt is still inside me for which till date I blame myself as because of my favourite chocolates he went all the way.
I wish if I could bring back the perfect moments the perfect guy the perfect us back.
Till date, I start my day with your recorded voice and I end my day with your songs.I wish in another life we can be together again and so,I don’t have to say I am the one who got away.


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