Real meaning of Happiness!!

While in the journey of self discovery and spirituality during my late twenties. I got through the most rough phase of my life probably  which changed me from being an extrovert to be  a introvert. But in true sense i realized what is happiness. I am sure for many things will be different for someone going out for movies and spending times with friends gives  happiness. for me happiness is the time i spend after office on my self i love that solitude. I love having my juice sitting in balcony and smiling as i see the sky or the lights around in my complex. I love playing my favorite songs loud in my room and dance like no one watching.

I no more like the loud music, a crowded place. Those  weekends waking up late and partying late night with friends. I feel as we grow we start looking for more peace and time for self. There was a time when i use to go gaga when weekends were near there was  so much to do trying different restaurants for brunch, then clubbing, late night long drives, crazy travel trips planned in hours.. Ah now my taste for songs also changed. I no more like eating out prefer home made food which is much healthier thanks to the amount of junk and unhealthy lifestyle i had in my teens and early twenties.


M i just sounding like a grandma now 😛 lol may be yes but i found happiness in my self i love spending time like hours sitting in my thinking couch and then do things i like listening  to the kind of music i like, sing and record and delete, dance to the tunes i love, meditate, grab a book online edition and read till i complete.

Those daily whatsapping, texting, social media things took a back seat now i no more feel like gluing to my phone i prefer to keep it aside the time m back home. Watching a movie  on netflix  gives me more happiness then going out call me a lazy bum i really dont care. Well unlike how i use to go for every movie on Friday night  if my friends ditch i ensure i go alone and watch it like the movie “Barfi “and also one flop movie where my friend literally slept off and i really had to treat him for bearing  the boring movie with me for 3 hrs.


I still have my people but i ensured not to make new friends anymore in last 5 yrs probably unlike my park friends, my ben studio friends, my flight friends, the goa friends, the ooty group etc 😛 but yes i really found few gems in those groups the number of travel diaries the memories i have.All kept intact in my magic box 😛

I developed couple of good hobbies and i really love it.  well m still the jack of all trades and master of none:P i keep experimenting with some or other thing every week and yes i do get bored when i dont enjoy 😛 but this keeps going and i love these  experiments from clay sculpturing to salsa classes. giving motivational speech at coffee house  etc wow life is amazing.

I also realized a thing not to go behind people probably that the best lesson learnt.Unlike how i use to go around people and try to please everyone in that process i learnt i was loosing myself . I learnt you cnt keep everyone happy some or other person may not like you. You not here to please everyone let people dislike you, hate you the one who knows and understand you knows how much you care for them. Yes i do miss few of my friends i wish we were same as before but thats cool life is a movie it goes on as they say “The show must go on”. we are here to live not to wait for someone and to make everyone happy. Always keep the priority to yourself if you are happy about something or not. Look within yourself to find happiness you the source of that happiness its not by someone presence or absence.

We keep meeting people we should take all good things from them and ignore the negative they might have faced some issues at some point of life because of which they take decision which had hurt them and you. learn to forgive but never to forget.

Having a rough day take a deep breathe and calm yourself look around for things which makes you smile may be  the picture in the table calendar in front of you which you never observed.have a look at your playlist trust me music is the  best healer. while i do see people listening to sad  songs when upset i also use to do  but now i just turn to something which energize me so i keep myself happy and content and charged up for next day. Isn’t it great the day when you die people remember you to be the jolly person they gonna miss then to be addressed as good this tension person died and get over you in few days. Why to saddened yourself with things which doesnt matter. I also face bad day like i do almost everyday thanks to  my profession 😛 its dynamic but at times it get hard when you dnt reach your numbers. dnt slow down keep moving put the music on and dance to the Rhytm of love 😀 . Always have closed friends with whom u share a close bond and can talk any random shit trust me it helps i do that i have these amazing bunch of people from like decades in my life who always keep me charged up whenever m down i feel so charged up. I love spending time with them like sitting in Marine drive  and they  next to me calmly and  enjoying the breeze i think the only time when we dnt talk but we enjoy and laugh.

I love those walk at midnight when i can just laugh laugh till our stomach aches for all the random jokes we crack. Life is just awesome its you who really need to dig deep inside you to feel it and look around in same way what you give to universe the universe gives back to you.


Mantra: Source of Happiness is you and yourself !! Keep Rocking life has got lot to give you:)




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