Purpose of Life!!

Have you ever felt so lost in middle of your life journey probably when you are stressed up because of work pressure, or lost someone close to you or had heart broken by someone you loved.

Often whenever we get a setback that when we sit down and start doing a back calculations and analyse things why things didn’t go the way you wanted it to happen and what you could have done better and make yourself much guarded and better and prepared to face it.

Every day is a challenge, be at work, be at road struggling across traffic be with your own emotions.

No body has time even your spouse wont have time for you when you need them the max in wee hours when you are probably upset. If you have someone to listen to your emotional turmoil then consider yourself to be lucky as now a days nobody has time for anyone. People are  selfish. Value the one who gives you time.

If you befriend people be at work or club be careful because every person you meet come with there own motives, some to play with emotions, some to abuse your emotions and some to give false hopes and few to just love you the way you are and to be honest with you.

We dont know who is going to be a permanent person in our life, situations sometime changes a person and force them to go against there own wishes, sometime may be because of financial or family pressure you cant put your best foot forward because you dont want to hurt your loved ones who has high expectations from you.

 Sometime I have  the best day when i get surprises from my friends unexpectedly or calls from the most unexpected people and sometime i get frustrated when i am unable to perform at my work.

Life is a journey with its own ups and downs but we all should learn one thing never give up no matter what. Be determinant and clear about your own feelings and emotions and what you feel. Go sit in a room alone in darkness or light a candle, meditate or simply take some deep breathes and hold on to your heart and ask yourself m i doing right ?? M i aligned to my own personal goals?M i happy about what i am doing right now?if your answer is yes for all then you doing right as it is bringing happiness to you if you find no for more then 2 then you really need to sit and analyse.

Take your graph of 10yrs what you were and where you now make pointers of thing syou have dreamt and achieved till date. Analyse your behavior pattern and as a person how much you have grown up.

Let me quote my own example i was a very sensitive person way back who was very emotional someone say something i use to react and take every thing to heart but as i grew i stopped i stopped being emotionally available to people i stopped being discussing my things with all.and gradually i saw who matters with me those who were genuine stayed with me till date. I made myself so strong in these years that eventually i have stopped bothering about people who dont matter to me.

Yes you can say i am selfish yes because being selfless can only lead you to be be unhappy.

From a very short tempered, reactive person to a patient and calm individual the transition definitely took time but then i am who i am because of my ability to accept what i feel is right for me what gives me happiness. I stopped reacting to things and people who are of no value to me. I indulge myself only with people who are meant for happiness and without expectations. Expectations always lead to disappointments and that true and it happens when you have a hope from someone. Bets is never have hope from anyone apart from yourself and work towards self improvement. When you indulge yourself in self improvement the happiness you get is more then anything you dnt need a emotional support or any human to make you happy. The power of control is only with you. You will be solely liable for your own happiness. Never waste someone else time when you have no honesty  in your intentions it will be a waste of there time and emotions.

As we grew we draw ourselves towards the journey of spirituality and when we go we actually get clear about what we want from our life and what is its purpose.

For the purpose of life is attaining my happiness do things which gives me happiness and meet and be only with people who gives me that. I will cut off people very easily in probably a day or two as i dnt prefer to carry any emotional baggage which will bring me down and divert me from my purpose of life. If someone wants to be with you in life let them come forward and accept the way you are. Very do the mistake of begging to someone to love you or stalk or harass them because if you doing so you wasting your own time thinking so much about them whereas they just dont give a damn about your existence also. Dont react to people who provoke and give negative vibes keep yourself calm and composed they cnt reach to your level that the reason they talk about you.they dont have purpose in life so they poke in your business.

Never say to anyone thye deserved things when things go bad be a debt ridden state because you ahve no idea what they went through in that phase and what made them to be in debt.

Also, if you cnt be vocal and take a stand for your own feelings and emotions then you will keep going in the viciaous circle of going to your past and crib about it. Bad things happens to everyone but that doesn’t mean you will stop living your life and you cnt be happy. You can only you yourself can nobody can bring happiness in your life never give the control of someone else to run your life and drive your life surrounding them. Value your own time as the saying goes time and tide waits for none.It doesn’t wait if you keep crying throughout or wasting time waiting for someone who is not meant for you. Our intuitions are very strong if our intuitions says that there is a hope, analyse well or probably have a discussion then give a try. If post that also you are disappointed then move quickly and run.

We are the makers of our own destiny and no one can change us from chsing our own dreams.

Having a bad day its OK vent it out, drink up, dance, speak to a closed on then move on. Never stop yourself from moving on what is written in destiny will fall in its own pace someday. Believe in the act of karma. Trust me i so much believe in it whoever does bad really pay it back in a bad way in this life only. Never think bad for anyone always pray good that god keeps you happy and your surrounding. The power of prayer is so amazing. Power of meditation has so soothing and amazing healing effects that you get answers for your prayers so soon.

Never do self pity of self grief because you didn’t do anything wrong the situation the way people perceived you is wrong its the loss of the people who didn’t try to understand you. Those who knows you will be with you in any form. So, Eat Pray and Love. And love yourself more then anybody else in the world because you the in-charge of your own happiness and you the one who make you own destiny. Meet new people, go for hiking, start up your dream projects work towards elf improvement.

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