Human Connections

I will  be talking a bit on metaphysical things, probably due to my recent research and few workshops which made me think deeply and to learn things in a much better way and my recent encounter with people who are so highly naturally gifted in many forms be professionally, financially or spiritually.

So each of us come to earth with a purpose the purpose is not just to study get a job and then get married start family retire and die.

There is a desire inside every human being, i am sure  to be a better person and improve on our skills. We human often tend to fall for negative vibes soon then the positive. Lets take an example often we procrastinate on things  with the attitude lets do it tomorrow etc but never it happened that we say in one go lets do this right here right now. Why so?? thats when the law of attraction comes in picture its about our attitude towards life and things and what we attract. We attract what we give to the universe and things happen as per the course when we let our fears, insecurities take a front seat we let it guide us and often it leads to delay and things which we dont  make  us happy. We are on earth not to just come live our life and go away but we are here for a very different reason each of us are different with different backgrounds and education but the purpose of life remain to do good to people and help the needy.In any religion the core is same its about spreading love and happiness and be a guiding light to people who need your help.

Coming back to the topic of connections, we all meet various people in life in every phase school,college,work etc. Each person we cross path has a reason to come in our life it can be in the form of a blessing or  to teach you a valuable lesson.  I met many people  in my lifetime  and probably i am at a better stage of my learning where i can actually distinguish the connections which i holded with many be my family,friends and co workers etc.

So, getting back to the topic so let me divide the connection patterns into 3:

  1. Karmic
  2. Soulmate
  3. Twin flame

Its often confused that soulmates are the one we are destined to be with, its wrong a soulmate can be your friend,family member or a co worker. A soulmate purpose in life is to support you and give you a push towards your life goals. You might feel connected to them but its not necessary to be a romantic bond i know many of us confuse this the soulmate is the last person we are destined to. No you not they will be in contact with you constantly.

A karmic relationship is usually i can say a casual one you meet for a reason may be to teach you valuable lesson about what sort of things you can foresee may be the negative aspects of the same i can tell you.Karmic can be again with someone who is you friend, neighbor or someone with whom you shared a relationship for a short term and only to learn few valuable lessons in short mistakes.

Twin flame well this is probably the most intense kind of connections very rare people can feel this is a sacred bond the reason is in this  two different individuals who are spiritually connected often it happens the other person can read the other one mind and have a telepathy. This cnt be explained until experienced. The purpose for this is solely to make you see someone who holds same ideology and wavelength as yours but then there will be obstacles may be ethnic differences, cultural differences, language barriers etc which make this connections the most tough one. There is a runner chaser mode but the intensity of the same is on very high side be about emotions, sexual attractiveness or anything.You probably meet them just for few hours or a day or may have interacted over phone.But the way you feel the connections its very deep and concrete cnt be broken by usual things which happen in any connection. When you meet your twin you will see your past things resurfacing specially your insecurities and things like your biggest fears which probably you had never shared with anyway. But the best thing that happens here is you start pushing yourself on things which probably you lack and start working on them. If i have to say more of you realize your self worthiness and self love because as i said its a sacred bond its more to do with unconditional love unlike the conditional where people have conditions of  the attributes  for someone like financial security, looks, conduct and behavior and all external factors.  The purpose for such union is to do good for the humanity and for the people more of a social service regime i would say. The one who is spiritually awakened can feel it and sense things better then the one who is yet to be matured.This is more of a nurturing bond and more to do with your self love aspects.

So cherish every individual you meet in life and  be thankful to them and also forgive the one who has hurt you it was probably not there intentions but it was meant to be so you grow up and get  a experience. The sooner you forgive and let go the sooner you find peace of mind for yourself which is more important because we live for ourselves and our life goals there are just part and parcel of lives why we cross paths with them.


Mantra: Meet People do take all positive aspects and forget and forgive for the negative one as that help you reach  your higher state of mind . Love yourself 🙂


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