How life changes!!!

I was Naina of YJHD,5 years ago.

A timid shy girl hesitant to try new things in life.always playing safe in all matters of life love,job,hobbies.

I never wanted to take on a path which is risky. I always do a pro and cons and comparison sheet before I really start or get into something.always logical and check the water depth before I dive in.

This calculative nature really helped me alot as I kept myself busy in making career ,working for hours without thinking a single time about my own self,my health and my family.

My life changed post  i met new people who taught me many good life lessons.I started again trusting people and exploring new places and making new friends.

Then strikes my mid life crisis, which broke me like literally broke me into so many pieces that I can’t tell what I went through.

I am sure everyone goes through it,mine  just broke me professionally,personally,financially,emotionally.

I was wondering that time why God trying on me this.But you know God do it to test you to make you strong and to see how strong you are.

Only the strongest souls get the change to face extremes.So we break badly and then rise again like a “Phoenix”.

Today as I write this I feel so proud of myself and I patted my back for my achievements.

I did everything possible in world which I had been  procrastinating all these years.

I learnt swimming,drumming,drove my car in high way,ran a marathon,lost 14kgs of weight and many more.


I believe now I have become Bunny of YJHD, who just want to keep going and going towards her dreams and goals and I don’t want to stop anymore..

I love this phase and everything and everybody around me.You feel awesome when you are surrounded by people who loves you the way you are and appreciate for your uniqueness.

Financial Independence is a key but to sustain the same need hard work. So,  having a positive mindset all the time also starts only when you listen to your inner voice and what your heart desire and trust me you will be at peace.

Mantra:Live life full size,universe has abundance to offer you.


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