Emotional Drainage!!

While i was reading few set of study material about life and our goals and how we should try to work things out when ever we are low, upset etc.

A month ago i was upset for numerous things and literally dwelled myself so much into things which had no meaning and importance in my coming future and i repent now tough that time i went crazy and got in set of addictions of some set of online games and i just realized what i did when i got card bill. It blew me off as at that moment i didnt realize what i was doing totally out of my mind and control i believe. My friend’s suicide  made me think alot and probably i was upset about things followed by constant follow up and negativity i had to bear  from a negative soul who took money from me and owe not to return at time.

I felt i really wasted most of my productive time into useless overthinking and things which doesnt have value or things. I know being a healer i shouldn’t thats what people think.But its wrong we are human being end of the day and we also do go  through which everyone it just on the healing patterns how we handle and cope up and how others take time. I dnt mind to grief when i need to grief about things as that kind of make us release these things from myself.Its always better to release and communicate things as it heals you and your inner self then holding to things which increases pain

I learnt the act of forgiveness  and letting go in this time. Healing for self is much important then anything else for our own well being and peace of mind. We need to have control of our own emotions when we dont we often get into major losses and probably end up in debt of emotions, finance etc.

Let go of things which doesnt hold any importance in your life and live your life to the fullest and what happen to others its fine to be empathetic but dont dwell much into it.

Gone is gone dont make yourself suffer for what is gone else you are done.


Mantra: Peace is within yourself when you have a control on your own emotions!!!

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