Being slaves of technology !!

Post my realization about the unproductive day i had during my weekend, i tried to implement few new things in life.

I planned my day and ensured i am no more distracted by my addiction towards social media and specially towards my phone. I eventually realized one more thing  when we were in our school we had enough time to spend in playing with our friends,develop a new hobby, spend time  talking with family members doing loads of physical activities indeed fact of the matter i use to buy books to study and enhance my knowledge rather then google.


I feel so trapped ,its good to  become a tech savvy i agree if we are not tech savvy people think we are lagging behind but trust me dnt you think we are slowly becoming slaves to this technology. Its good to use and keep yourself updated about any new app etc but dont let these things become your addiction. Example i am addicted to my phone and social media whenever i get even few mins you will find me online reading something.

I also was wondering the human interactions have gone down, so was the case this time diwali, i called up all my friends from alphabet A to Z and everyone were like its great to hear as hardly we all  call these days , max we do is just forward a whatsapp message and wish.

Trust me  this drift is not good we not alone losing the human touch and emotional connect we slowing becoming insomniacs, constant worriers due to the blue tick thing etc.I am sure many break ups and hooks up happen with a left and right swipe.

I was watching this movie “Up in the air” where the protagonist is a person who goes and fire people by visiting different countries etc and then comes “Natalie” who comes with the option of firing people via video call. well truly i could connect well with the protagonist views why a human touch is required then just sitting in a room and doing things via video call. I agree internet is wonderful and it helps connect with people easily etc.

But dont you think it come with its own side effects. I have a friend who vanishes for few days and during that time the only way we use to connect was via text messages and i use to laugh because text messages we use to do 12 years ago when mobiles came in India.But doing that at this age was somewhat different but ya it felt good.

During one of my weekends i took out my scrap book and the magic box well that is the box where i have kept all my childhood memories be the friendship bands my friends tied, the photos we clicked together and many such things whenever i open it takes me back to the old days  when we friends use to write letters to each other post our transfers. I go back to time zone and feel like to stay back, i am not sure how many memories these generation kids make because with just a button of delete the whole things goes off but i still have things which are as old as 15yr to 20yrs.

Using technology is not bad but being there slave and being addicted is bad. I would urge people to find real connections then being dependent  on them which includes  our meeting with people where while having  a conversation avoid using your phones. dont waste your time unnecessarily on things which are of no value  like reading meme as later you will realize how much of precious time you wasted on these things.

I know its very difficult to control the addiction even i am facing same but i have made my mind i will use when required. dont let the technology make you robots where you just open a tab and google everything.dont be so dependent look at your surroundings and feel the breeze.

i use to use my phone so much the moment i get in my cab but i changed the routine and all i could the greeenery near by me the people, the breeze and trust me its so soothing and a different experience probably which i had been missing.

Mantra: Dnt let technology make you its slave be the slave of your goals 😀

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