Being selfish!!

I was just having a  casual conversation  with my bestie today, where he was telling, how we both have grown up in our lives from teenage and how efficiently we handled various things in life. We became strong and we kind of know what we want in life and we planned things in that way.

We made a list of our goals every year and we keep ticking things we want to do that year and whatever we cnt we postpone to next year. and on 31st December we check how many ticks we got from our bucket list, same we have for our travel diaries .

We just realize as we grow up in life we tend to have no tolerance to non sense and toxic stuff and people and we prefer to be in our own world and we prefer to be with things which really mattered to  us and which adds values.

Keep your career and passion in your priority list as that is something which will stick by you when your friends, loved one vanishes.

Be selfish in your life, own up your own feelings and there is no harm in admitting things and accept it rather then giving mixed signals or beating around the bush. You deserve happiness and whatever it may come own it up go and put your best foot forward to get it if u give and at the end it didn’t work out then u give up at least in life you wont have regret that u dint try or give your 100%.


I was a very emotional sensitive person a decade ago when i literally have begged to the guy i first fell in love with. I still remember that day post our break  when i was undergoing my depression phase and there was so much of stress in my life both personal and profession and i seek his help to at least listen me out once as i felt he was the only person in the world i had been close enough and he understands me completely at time when other may mistaken me.well i was so wrong there i literally cried and begged him for every 1 min conversation to listen and he acted to be a moron counting the seconds he gave me. That was the last day i decided i am done i will never have hope or any help from him in future because if u ever loved someone even for  a second you wont treat this way and thing is we broke because of his insecurity and abusive behavior and he kept blaming me  for numerous unreasonable excuses.

Post that one incident i decided i will never beg anyone or chase and expect people to be in my life if someone wants let them make the effort to be in and who is meant for you will keep you happy. For me my happiness, my self worth matters nothing more then that  ever mattered and this really gives a good peace of mind for me and for anyone for that matter. I probably became the selfish person the one who earlier use to go and make everyone happy so let people say what they want i really dnt care all i care is i, me, myself and my happiness if i am happy about something i will do that if not i will walk out thats all.

Life is good when you make and love yourself more then anyone else and that should be the attitude i believe because when morning the first person u see in mirror is you and you should be like a sunshine who gives happiness to others then someone cribbing and crying..

Try hard in life for your happiness to achieve things which gives you happiness. if u fail post your best trial its ok you wont feel bad you can easily get over things and trust me that feeling is much better then the feeling i really wish i had done this at that time because time and tide waits for none.


Mantra: Chase your dreams and be selfish about things which gives you happiness 

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