Being Associated with a Fauji

Its been a while i had been thinking to write on this topic.

In spite my dad being in PSU, i traveled and stayed at various places i never realized the life we live is way different then those who are in Defence.

Only time the patriotism feeling comes inside me whenever the national anthem is being played or whenever independence day or republic day is arriving. Rest of the time we all are so much busy with our lives and daily chaos that none has time even to know there is a different life altogether for different people.

Until last year till i went to Lucknow to attend my friends wedding who were fauji brats i had no clue about the life of a soldier or in Hindi we address them as “ Fauji”.

My association with them probably got me to learn many things indeed very inspiring and motivational.

The time we spend in cribbing about not getting sleep as we spend too much time in social media there are faujis who dint even get sleep, who are on there missions which comes like a surprise at any moment and never complains. I met couple of fauji brats as well as fauji officer, there are plenty of things you will learn and which truly are inspiring. Every fauji has his story of struggle of his goals and dreams that why they joined defence and loved there country and never took that job of Infosys which probably would have landed them spending time inside Ac rooms and a fat salary. The life these people and there families live is way different from civilians. Be our routine of waking up, be us who are lazy enough to not go to gym and not take care of own health and physique. These people are way disciplined, respect is what matters to them. Time management is something you can learn with the shortest time they have to spend with there loved ones and how tactfully they manages.


Work hard party hard and live a thug life you never know whats next in store for you tomorrow that looks the ideal dialogue for them. Being adaptable  and keep changing posting places and getting used to new people and place is something you can learn from them who does it without complaining.

Many people think the army people gets things for free well its a misconception. The life lead by them is way different where they don’t have time even for personal space and crave to spend time with themselves.

They earn respect because they deserve with the amount of hardship they go through. We complain about not getting enough leaves to spend time with family imagine these people who barely see once there family that also subjected if there leaves get approved as most of the time this is also not fixed which may get postponed or cancelled depending on the current situation.

Only strong people can do so much of sacrifice from sleep to giving time to there loved one and i feel we really need to appreciate these facts. While at an stage of digitization where we do video calls can connect with anyone around world these people have limited access beacuse of the remote location where they have to visit. At a time of whatsapp you may end up texting you really dint know whats in store the next moment. You loved one being away from you for months and most of the time even days when they dint even connect via phone is tough unlike us civilian who are glued to our phones all the time. Getting use to mess food or not getting time to spend with friends and roam around and watch all the movies that releases every weekend is again something they do. They dont even have time to go for shopping and manage with there 2 pair of clothes but never complains.The olive green colour is there identification any addition of pink or blue happens only once a year when they get time for shopping. They are so adaptable they wont complaint ever even when the food is not good they happy in whatever they get.

Sacrifice is again a very big word but they do for the country and for there man but what we civilians do we just read the news and forget about and never thought deep about the emotions what his family goes through at time when they go on war. Brotherhood again something a close bond they share with peers and the respect they give to there colleagues wife addressing her as “Mam” is again something to appreciate. Its like they know so well about each other more like real brothers be there nature or habits and what time the other will react what way.

I had a wrong perception about defence guys which eventually changed post i met someone who taught me how much of respect they do to every individual and they are truly the man of there words. They manage to keep themselves so grounded and at a very young age way matured then those who probably are still clue less what to do in there lives at an age of 25.


I like the gentleman gestures they make be asking consent to hold someone hands or respecting some ones personal space. You may not receive  daily calls or messages but when they do even at any given point of the day for 5minutes that is special as it has so much of positive vibes then the usual talks where we probably discuss just about our problem or about people. The importance of time and how crucial it is been taught by them. I truly respect all the fauji people and the families for the sacrifice they had been doing. The feeling of connecting with them post many days of missing is something which is recommendable as it also tests  your patience and loyalty towards each other. If someone looking for constant attention then i would say never associate yourself with a fauji. The best part is due to their constant movement the family member be a girlfriend or wife can learn is to be independent and to learn many new things and keep yourself busy in it.

I met my friends mothers and trust me they are amazing in terms of there confidence, knowledge levels they way they conduct themselves in any event or special skill sets. A big thumbs up for being so independent and good and making yourselves so strong.

I had another wrong notion of defence guys being flirtatious and they act like gentleman just because they are trained so. well my sincere apology for this perception every individual is different we cant tag a brand with every person nature. There are man who are one woman men and they are loyal and inspite in a long distance they never cheat. They know when and how to protect a woman and safeguard them. They are the people who know how to respect people. They look tough from outside and knows well how to act matured at times when situation gets tough.

They stand by their words and commit what they say. Also I use to think they have a low Iq and EQ as they are more of aggressive kind of people but again i was proved so wrong these people are way knowledgeable in many things its obvious they are well equipped in knowledge about war fronts but they have amazing people management skills and leadership skills and presence of mind. Be it teaching you how to use a map properly or about world war dates you cant beat them on many things.


Well nevertheless you guys have a very different and difficult life then us. I am really so happy being associated with you all and thanks for making me learn so many things about your lives.


Salute to all the Bravehearts !!!

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  1. Interesting analysis.. I think by forming opinions without actually experiencing anything or by relying on stereotyping, we do misunderstand certain people etc.. thank you for sharing your association with Fauji.. it’s a helpful insight into bravehearts 😉 very well written !! Xx

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