An Era Of Change

A new era of change

September 3, 2016 SanaHome

Morning 7am the alarm rings in our phone  and we snooze it for another 5minutes . a decade ago if you see we use to have those small clocks with a standard alarm ring which we use to place overhead and we have to get up to off the same. time changes so is the developments happening across the globe. New technologies coming up.

Did  anyone  thought in late 1950’s to that we can  be connected to different people from various countries through a single platform at any point of time.

Kotler by far the bible for marketing students to learn what marketing is defining the  4p’s to influence marketing tactics.

Off let in last one decade i saw a lot of changes coming in place. earlier the mode of promotions were a newspaper, television , radio etc but now as the digitization happening so anything can be promoted via just a click be it launch of a book, a cosmetic product. the Social media is getting more popular then the old tactics used for marketing.

The activities for digital marketing is seo, sme, campaign marketing, content marketing etc.

Lets talk about what is a brand. brand is basically  an intangible asset something which got its name by leaving a impression in the consumers mind. there are few thing which comes in mind when we define a brand.

  1. Recall factor.
  2. Brand awareness.
  3. Brand loyalty.
  4.  Brand communication in terms of logos.
  5. Brand equity.

I had an interaction with  a friend of mine who started with a start up

The page went viral in fb with a major visit of around 1769 in its first week of launch.

The focus of the same is about how good we can optimize a product and establish it  and reach out to maximum people.

The team is majorly involved in seo, sme, content marketing by social media usage and app development.

if you looking for launching an idea or a product  they will help you with the tools and strategy to be used to establish your own brand in the market.

Each of us has our own unique talents some are able to use it  and few lag just dont know how to showcase it.There is a saying if you are good at something never do it for free.


Another friend of mine  whose hobby is photography started with his own site to portray his talent.

His  site you can see the various colors of life, be the ancient architectural photography or the sunset across the beach. A day when probably you are low and want to see how the world around yours looks like just give a visit to the site you will feel how god has created beautiful things and which is well captured by  camera lenses.

Having an idea is not just enough to think you know it all.

Implementing the same and then working towards it matters because thats where the real struggle comes.

In the market you will find many who share same idea as yours but how you promote and how you establish is something you need to look forward for.

E.g Uber started with its unique idea and globally its no 1 in the cab service without owning its own cars and by mere partnering there presence is in various countries today.

People recall them they became popular through WOM, social media, the idea of share a friend and get them and now they going ahead with the uber for business.

Its not just an idea which needs to be worked out its also about how you sustain yourself in the market.

In the last 3 yers the years the number of start up which has come is more then 3100 and a total investment of more then Rs 8500 Cr. be it,inmobi,zomato,


So the change is happening and thanks to the on going technology reforms and the young crowd who are so enthusiastic  in terms of trying all the way to reach out to people. looking forward for a digital india where each person get access to technology a nd utilize in a well reform way.

Jai hind!!!


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