A New Outlook towards Life

So, I met my school friend and thats how my new year begun.. amazing time talking about life,food, health, love etc.We spoke for like hours discussing how we were in school, there are few traits in us which are same. I said her about the things i newly found and i am exploring and my experiments which i had been doing.

I decided to live my life this year in the vintage way and trust me it worked amazingly. I loved the phone calls and text messages which took me back to the old us away from social media and the jazz. I feel those who want to be in touch will somehow connect with you via any mode not needed to be in social media. I never found so much of peace ever in my life. It was very difficult for a person like me who is an addict and most of my work happens through it. But then as Louise hay says its all about our own thoughts when we are determinant and want to do things in our way. Change is needed and off course we will have resistance within ourselves to leave back on our old patterns and thoughts.

My parents were surprised although happy with the way i changed few of my habits and the good things i am getting into unlike the usual lazy me. Be waking up before time and for first time in history of my life i started having a wholesome breakfast. Since school days i had reflux whatever i eat i use to puke back and it was very difficult for me to eat  anything before 9am. Well when i got this in y thought that no i can do it and i ill i am surprised i did it. My body started accepting me and my this new change.

I received the best gift from my dad on my bday that was a greeting card   like a Physical card which probably lost its charms in this digitalised world. This took me back to time line to my school days when we use to buy thoe small greeting cards and give to our teachers and friends. I still have few of them in my scrap book and my magic box. I am a typical old school person i love these memories.

Spiritual awakening is a different feeling altogether until experienced. I wasnt giving a ear to hear out thing to my friend when 5 yrs back she was defining about her phase. Well i feel so good about this new found me. The things i do and engage myself is something worth sharing.

I happen to take a session of a young girl this Sunday which was basically about her struggle with depression and how she feels about it. Well i taught her the very basic essence and core issues within us before we go for any therapist session i hope i could help her in this phase of her life and she become a better person and do things which are good for life and for humanity.

Sitting near a lake and listening to the nature sounds is so peaceful probably we human forgot about this beautiful creations of nature in our daily chaos.

I spent so much of time at my work, people and many such things and rarely got time for myself and  work on myself and do things which actually can heal all problems in life. I felt good connecting to my that one school friend whom i address as the “amazing guy”. I rarely praise people but when i do that means they have touched my heart. So was this guy i never used this word for any guy ever its only for him. I cnt thank him enough for things he did for me, for being the listening ear and at times i recall how i was when i use to make him wait for like 2 hours by the time i reach at place. I definitely miss our those talks about life.  We both share same DOB’S  indeed i am elder to him by 3 hours but my in terms of maturity i believe he was much matured then  me.


I really want to thank my bestie Duri, every year he brings this amazing thing in my life. what i love about his call is we both dedicate a song to each other be where we are. I remember how i use to make my DJ friend play the song and i use to call my bestie and make him listen and say dude!! its for you my dedication. Some things are so special it may be a trend we following since decade but it never fade away. We may be busy in our lives and married but few small gestures really makes the differences. As we grow old i believe our taste about things changes. I saw all my friends now prefer to be indoors and have a relaxing time then those old loud music clubbing things. I had crazy times those years with my bunch of super crazy friends be hopping different places and many such things on 31st night but things have changed and m sure this change is needed for our betterment.

I love all the call and wishes you all poured me i am so grateful you think about me even for 1minute and recall me its amazing feeling and trust me this year big changes coming on its way.


Mantra: Life is superbly awesome its about how we look around.


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