5 p’s of Life-Power to You

Looking at the down time we working people have at times which lead us to do loads of unproductive work specially during weekends when we just want to chill out. Why cnt we make things productive and utilize the time for self development then wasting in some non practical useless stuffs.

Well i was low since a few days for few factors both external and internal which i was trying to rant out but eventually i wasn’t able to take out so i was feeling so frustrated that i started wasting my precious time over social media reading random topics or whatsapp alot to my friends in group and messaging on things which has no value in my life like a normal chit chats. Its fine once in a while when we want to get in touch with people and keep it intact  its bit more specially if you are a social person and love to be with people.

There was a strong force inside me which was saying that i am wasting my time pinging people and talking stuffs which is of no value either to them or to me and getting upset about things where people are getting married and my time frame was just not moving. I just took a deep breathe and then went to my thinking sofa ya the place where i actually sit and plan my routine.i started analyzing what i did whole day and found out how unproductive things i did like wasting reading memes and scrolling the news feed and seeing people Diwali celebration. Actually  I realized i wasted my one day completely doing nothing. so who at loss here its me solely me!!.

I immediately sat and dig deep down why i did it. well i got the reason it was basically my frustration my own inability to do what i wanted. I wanted to start up an project since last one week and every time there is some or other issues coming up be there is some emotional factor or may be household responsibility or unable to do things as i wished for. I took a  breathe  i started following 5 p’s oh ya these are nothing to do with the 4p’s of marketing. these were basically to how to increase your own productivity. trust me we human get so affected and carried way by useless things be social media, phone calls etc and we just waste our time. these things were fine probably at the younger age but not an age where you want to  succeed in life.WHERE YOU WANT TO WALK UP THE LADDER  HIGH so high that you can be your own rule maker.

So, lets stop procrastination thats the devil which kill all productive things.Never let any person, emotions take you for a troll let you be your own in charge to take things in grow. Because you alone have to make yourself not someone people will come probably to support or to criticize its you who needs to decide you want to make it positive or negative. first thing focus on your goals and plan and make it into small steps and see how to achieve it use an strategy and work on it.

  1. Plan:It is important what you want to do what you want to achieve what are your goals and how same can be materialized.
  2.  Passion: Look for things which you are passionate about what you love to do and you key strengths. when you know your own key stregths thats when you know what you can do and how you can. you cnt do well in any work if you not passionate about it.I may try to learn a musical instrument t but until m passionate about music i cnt do anything it will like ok even if it doesn’t happen i dont care kind.
  3. Patience: Each things in life happens with its own time frame and zone try to give time lines to self and on those things and work accordingly you really need to have patience because at every step you wont get success, you may get disappointment and rejections but never give up try your best.Be patient if you have given your 100% and were true it will yield results not immediately but definitely because your intentions were pure.
  4. Priorities: You need to prioritize things and do according to things which need immediate attention and things which you can do later on also.
  5.  Peace: Peace comes when you materialize the above P’s and you will be at peace when you achieve your goals.

Now its on you how you order things and work accordingly.

Success comes to those who believe in there abilities and take learning from every failure they got in life and move forward then rather cribbing and giving ears to criticism and give up half way.try to focus on yourself and your goals then on people and things because your goals stay with you and people change.your dreams you only can achieve because its you who has seen them not someone else.

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