Why hostel life is awesome

It’s  a great  feeling being home, and with family but at times when you have to leave home and being all alone in a new city for studies purpose that’s a different experience altogether. You spend most of your time with  people from various cities, countries and different culture traditions and start living and experience a new phase every day. So here are the 13 points why  hostel life is awesome.

1. You become Independentlisa kangna queen You become the “azaad panchi” once away from home, you start doing things on your own  from shopping till washing clothes you need to do everything on your own.nobody to stop you from talking late night over phone and sleeping late till 11 am on Sundays.

2. You start valuing moneyways-to-save-money-when-you-are-broke The moment you are broke, you start borrowing money from friends and then you realize the value of money.

3. You family is ur hostel mates60429_mtv-warrior-high-hostel Your hostel mates become your ultimate sukh dukh mates for every occasion, u being sick, happy, sentimental, excited

4. Celebrating festivals togetherholi-9 You never feel away from home during festivals as the entire hostel celebrates each festival from holi  Diwali, Eid, Christmas together.

5. Jugaad is the strategy for survivaljugad For every problem you have a jugaad, be getting Xerox just a day before exams from your roommate, or  exchanging dresses for a prom night.

6. Maggi becomes your favourite foodmaggi You become the expert in making maggi  and it becomes your favourite midnight meal.

7. Watching Final matches togethercricket_516408f The excitement of watching the matches together along with chips, popcorn  coke and cheering up for your favourite team.

8. You learn the true meaning of “ Rules is meant to be broken”breaking rules Coming late after hostel hours and jumping off the hostel wall becomes your daily activity.

9. Troubling your warden becomes your hobbywarden There is always a strict warden who keeps nagging and complaining to the college management. So you start taking sweet revenge by mixing loose motion tablets in their food, playing scary music at night 2 AM or giving miscall at hostel landline at night.

10. You learn how to manage your time.3-idiots You have classes to attend at morning and meals which are served at a stipulated time  so accordingly you start  making the timetable.

11. You become adaptable to any kind of foodhostel food After having the watery dal to the papad wale chappati, your body automatically can have any kind of eatable

12. Makes the best of buddybuddies You start sharing a roof  with so many people the bonding gets stronger, the hostel mates become the ultimate partner in your crimes be the first time smoking or drinking or sharing the experience of your  first date.

13. Your bday becomes the most painful day of the yearfacial Everybody awaits for your bday to come apart from you as you know you are gonna get loads of bday bumps along with cream facial. Its an amazing feeling to have lived a life in hostel learning and experiencing various things from time management to  the total crazy adventurous things you do.

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