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Universe is amazing and it has unique way to gift you things. I never felt so much of peace, happiness, contentment in my life. I feel so complete with my own self and the fact on things i have taken up to do, giving priority to your own self can bring so much of change. I literally ran for career, money, people all these years never got time to look inside me. When i looked and i found me and a new me. Different from the older version of me. Happen to talk to a friend after a gap of close to 8 years and just got to know how i was. I never realized  i was so much judgmental, arrogant at times and take everything in the most wrong way. I believe as we grow old we become matured and learn to let go of things and become at ease and the more we start accepting our own self we work on our flaws and become a better updated version of our self. I always had this habit of perfectionism, i always ensured to do things in the perfect way be anything arranging my room or throwing a house party.

I never realized how much mushy i was when i use to crib when tings never use to go the way i anticipated or want it to i use to get irritated, scream or scold and blame others. Rather then checking my own issue i always use to crib in imperfection of others and being a straight forward person i use to just say upfront not even consider how they would have felt. Phew whatever happens happens for our best. I sincere felt so bad about it all and i sincerely apologies to all whom i have hurt knowing or unknowingly.

Sitting by lake, reading books, travelling, writing my journals, attending and speaking in workshops. I am doing exactly the things which i love and i am passionate about.I love meeting those women’s in the NGO’s and listening to their stories and helping them with tools to get themselves out of trauma. I feel i am so blessed to be born in a family where i was given liberty to do things on my own and my parents trusted me to  fulfill my dreams.

I had never been religious in life and now learning about my own religion is something again different.So many things changed and this present is so good. I just love it. I love the positivity around, the people i interact now and the set of friends i have now we all are so dynamic, positive and supportive. Life is such a bliss and i must say a positive outlook leads to so many changes.

Forgiving and letting go is so tough at times but doing it is a brave act and trust me once you do that things  are like amazing you will see miracles happening around you and the whole universe conspires to support you with ways out to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Make a schedule for tasks to be done for the day and work accordingly.I was such a  messed up, clumsy zoombie and now i feel m a completely changed person who just love and enjoys every small things which comes in my way.

I started appreciating things and trust me its truly said by louise hay a thought can change your life. Get positive thoughts and see how it gets manifested and you will be surprised the way things unfold in life.

Mantra: Stay positive and let positive thoughts fulfill your mind and soul.


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