When your higher self test you!!

Off late been an amazing journey. I finally gave my final go ahead for my book publishing and then  i realised my true life purpose.

Changed my job got a better opportunity with a good hike and a new set up. I realised one thing life is what we make our  choices.

I realised something once your awareness and consciousness is better you make good choices and directed to take right and fruitful decisions without any fear element to be added to it.

I was tested  in every day process and i tried to break every patterns that I had been in all these years.

Its about having a belief on your own self that you want a change and you will change. The moment i started taking life as it comes and feeling life is so simple and everything else will fall in place everything started becoming good and for my best interest.

There were moments when i went low, irritated, angry etc but one thing i realised was not to give up on this journey  and cherish what i have and embrace my own self and the things i have around which may be others doesn’t have. When you give positive affirmations and positive attitude towards life and life will give u things in same way.

Breaking patterns makes you over come fears and make you a strong fearless person and gives you immense confidence to see what is right and when you in a journey where you speak your truth thats when you are fearless.

So, stay strong in all forms and do what your heart desires and be fearless, bold and proactive and take charge of your life







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