The Guarded Girl !!!

Have you ever come across someone who is just normal like you, who laughs like you, does all weird and funny things and expresses herself but then when it comes to emotions and sentiments she is aloof and cold.

well thats when we address her as the ” Guarded Girl”. She has probably done too many silly things and mistakes in life earlier because of which she is different now and very indifferent in terms of emotions.

A guarded girl specially is someone who will stand by you, have fun with you but when  she sees emotions are getting more weigh then brains thats when she take a back foot. the reason is very simple she is afraid to again be vulnerable , again to hurt herself and let someone see that side of her which she wants to protect to not occur  heartbreak again.

She was probably the most honest and loyal person earlier who spoke and fell in love deeply only to be betrayed or hurt or emotions were made fun with or not reciprocated.

The fear of betrayal, rejection  again to be treated as a second option is playing the game here, taken for granted every time never been asked how she doing etc.

It takes lot of time and patience for someone to pursue with a guarded girl. she showcase herself to be the most head strong person  inside she still look for someone who is genuine and can care. but she doesn’t want be again a  giver .

Over the period of time she understood and gain the power how to listening and empathy and to move on then keeping heart over sleeves .

Each of us get hurt to many extend few expresses and few keep to themselves seldom people showcase the emotional break down. They says time heals everything its not the time its about how we let move of all the things which hurts us to keep ourselves strong and engaged in other things which eventually lead us to be protected against any further break down.

If a decade ago we use to freak out and keep calling someone no we dont freak out even if someone doesn’t reply for hours. that how we behave when we are guarded. no matter if someone isn’t giving importance you also dont bother and engage yourself in other work.

If suddenly someone give the girl surprises and try to get comfortable the guarded girl will be suspicious with the intention of the person because all she has got in life was betrayal and hurt for letting her feelings been expressed. I wont say she will be afraid to speak her mind but wont until she see the other person is genuine and initiate she will test the water depth before getting into it.





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