The feel good factor

Its been like 8 years since I had been working hard, making and growing and my whole focus was on making money.

I was appreciated for my work once in a while but somewhere i use to feel so not been appreciated for all the efforts that I have put across.

I was rewarded monetarily, which definitely gave a smile to me as it helped me to fulfill my materialistic needs be good clothes, repayment of my loans etc.

What I love the most currently is when i pursued my passion for writing and when i started doing my own workshops which involves helping and uplifting people around.

I recently got call from few of my students and few clients who attended my workshop and they shared there set of experience post our sessions.

I never felt my work inspired people and they are seeing changes and are happy. I now so much feel good probably never ever I felt so happy in any form inspite getting a highly paid job.


PS: Do what your heart desires and you will feel complete and happiness knocks your door with ease!!.


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