The Day I Ran Again !!

I was in 6th standard when my mom insisted me to participate in sports.My mom used to be  state level champion in various sports like shot put, Running, Volleyball etc and she had this expectation from me and my bro that we also become one.

I am more like my dad who prefers for indoor games like carrom , chess, dumbcharads, memory game, puzzles etc. Only outdoor sports i use to love was badminton and cricket.

So, I happen to participate as my name was registered for running. It was during republic day so in PSU colony all festivals and national holidays are celebrated together and various activities are conducted be drawing, dance anything.

As i stood in the line i turned towards my right their were around 6 people and towards left may be around 9 we all were in U-12 category. The referee says on a mark get set go !! Zoommmmmmm!!! we all ran at a speed as if a train is going ahead and we going to miss it.


Everyone wants to win as we ran i started waving  my hands by seeing my cousin who was cheering me up that celebrity feeling when everyone looking at you 😀 . Well you know, you need to concentrate at finish line then focusing on crowd. So, thanks to my distraction the girl next to me ensured to push me and  in fraction of seconds i fell off  (dhapak) leading me to bleed from my knees and got bruises in my hands etc.

What a fall !! and you know what special attention water,  chocolates everything came  together. Ya you right along with dettol:(( . I wish they have kept savlon instead of dettol). First of all you are injured and top of that this dettol which ensures burn is burnt more and i started singing all kind of self made song for those minutes as i was going through my first aid. (PS:I am the new  Anu malik  for that moment.:D).

It took close to some 2 weeks to heal. I had to get my dressings done every alternate day. Post this incident i decided i will never participate in any kind activity where people push others. Few years ago i saw my friends Shikha, Midhun,Deepak,  Neetish going for marathon and posting pictures in FB and instagram. I was like wow amazing these people have so much of stamina to run and finish. I use to pray god i really wish i had so much of stamina in me to overcome my limitation.

This was in 2007  when our  dance troop “Spartans”  performed our last dance  and i had a bad fall leading me and Vishal with severe injury. I had severe back problem which later been  diagnosed as Slip Disc  and the doctor said i need to get surgery. I was hell scared and i said i wont get any surgery and went to see another ortho so i was asked for bed rest for 2 months and been instructed not to restrict myself from few activities which means i have to give up on dance, badminton, cycling all the things  which i use to love  nor i can lift any heavy things. I was indeed the first in my whole Khandaan  to  got my MRI done. Thats was one funny incident where i literally have to bear that sound and vibration for one hour and i literally couldn’t sleep nor move and at the end when i came out he said i did a movement something went off and again i have to undergo same process for one more hour 😀 Se special kid:D

I left almost all the activities and restricted myself on many things. Those who stayed with me knew the conditions how severe it use to go if i happen to stand for long time be in a queue and sit at a place for long. Avoided bus or train journeys.  (thats why i  hate going for shopping).So i had restrictions in everything and thus i limited myself in terms of my movements.I had the fear and limitations that i cnt get fit ever to do any of these activities.

In the beginning of this year i made a bucket list of things i included few outdoor activities but then again ticked them off my list thinking they not suitable. I  happen to read a interview of Milind Soman  in Telegraph.

It was  about the promotion for the upcoming event of  ” Pinkathon” in my city. I gave a thought should i or not??

I really had my ifs and buts for this marathon. then i asked my heart should i enrol or not. My heart said yes and i felt light which means its true. So, immediately i pick up my phone and pinged my old flatmate to enquire when  she is coming to Kolkata as per her schedule. She said by march end i shared about this and asked shall we she said a “YES”.  What else is possible ??

So, immediately i asked my mom she so wanted to join in to but due to few prior commitments she wouldn’t be able to do. But she was surprised as well as excited that i went to register for the same. Then she really pushed me to go for it and said you can do it. Barely just 3 days left for it and i registered at the last moment. Forget prior running training i dont even walk more then half a km in a day. So,  getting my own self out of the limitations which i have put myself that i cnt do was the ultimate challenge.

On 1st April we  all assembled at 5am  at Maidan. I was excited to see all women in their  white and pink T shirts came out and  family member be husband, parents, brother came to drop and cheer them up . I got down from cab called Madhu asking where you are ? She was like another 10 minutes will be there. As i stood waiting for her the music was loud and the whole area was so mesmerizing because of the crowd and the amazing climate at morning. All age group people were coming  from 6yr to  83yr. There were LGBT and also  Momma’s  who came to run.

Wow felt so amazing to see this. There was this handsome hunk of 52 years the heart throb “Milind Soman” .

Well trust me he is hot 😀 he looks like 32.Then there is  Sameer Sachdeva, Riyaz, our own city Rj Neelam.

There was Ms Soma who is a cancer survivor who is again a participant. The vibe was so amazing.

There is Mann Kaur who is 102yr old who came all the way to motivate all of us.

There is Mrs Lily Khan 83yr Mam. I saw her standing next to me when i waiting for Madhu. So, each of us has got a BiB tag and another tag to be tied at our back where its written I left Behind : and you need to fill this.I kept thinking what to write but something came in me in the morning and i Wrote ” My Fears”.

What i loved about Lily mam was when i read her tag it says “My pain of Spine Fracture” isnt it amazing?  So inspiring.

Many wrote things like “worries,regrets,anxiety,weight issue,negativity.

I read one that says ” The notion of Ideal Women”. Bang on !! I loved it to become a perfect women to the world we end up being our self and thats when we loose and attract things which are not meant to be.

Anyhow the event started it was super fun, we did Zumba for sometime, laughed our heart out and then came the time for us to start. Well there is Milind at the start point to drop the flagship and make us run, there was loud music and a amazing crowd to cheer us up.

I started running i ran, ran, ran like nobody ever would have probably putting everything inside me gulping every pain i went through my hard times i said i have to prove myself that my limitation which i set all these years to myself go and i will  finish this. And their i was i could finish the run.

Learnings i had is you are an infinite being spread your wings and fly high!! Never limit yourself because of whats been said to you.

BTW  the important point i missed to say so post 2014 i never got my back pain back thanks to Dr Thomas J Kishnan and my MRI also said i am fit and there is no SLIP DISC. So, did you realize how an opinion of someone can go wrong.  Although i had fear which literally made me limit myself with loads of stuffs.

Imagine the way i was pushed to go for  a surgery when i was still in my college and its been said to me if i cnt get surgery i will end up having a hunch back.When i watched the movie ” I”  i really got petrified is my future like this if i grow old. Thats why its always important to go for second and third opinion of doctors and never take any decision basis one.






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