The Act Of forgiveness

In life we often are bound to loose our mind and get distracted by temporary things and people. We end up getting in a loop of mistakes.

Wrong habits, addictions, wrong relationships leading to emotional distress. We learn from each of our mistakes and try to become a new version of ours a better version.

While we do mistake we often learn our lessons in hard way , while our own dear ones does mistake we feel hurt, we more are able to trust them. More then trust i believe its about forgiving them because somewhere we feel our utmost trust been betrayed.

We feel hurt and cheated upon. Our soul cries thinking how much of blind trust we do to someone and how someone misused our trust.

I had my part of trust issues be with family members, friends, lover anybody. I always tend to give utmost respect, love, trust to someone at the beginning but eventually i see my trust being broken in many ways.

We cnt help people mould as per situations and their own benefits. Its very hard to control anybody for that matter as people tend to do things more which we ask them not to. Its the stubborn kid in us who tend to go and do things more where we are asked not to. Just like a toddler the more you ask them not to they will want to do that. Human beings are also not less.

Only thing we can do is to take back the power from getting hurt by others, we need to bulit upon a strong trust factor within ourselves where we start believing our own self more. The more we trust our own self thats what makes us take better decisions for our ownself and we tend to meet people who are trustworthy and of same level of commitment they give to themselves then anything else.

Forgiving someone by just saying it doesnt happen, when we are hurt it takes a long time to heal those wounds and letting go of all resentments and guilt where we feel we were not good enough that lead to someone do bad to us.

First things stop being a victim and blame yourself for situations that has raised where your trust being broken. You are not to be blamed if someone lack to acknowledge your worth its their loss not yours. We are a reflection of what we are inside. The one who breaks your trust shows how much trust he/she has within themselves.

Act of forgiveness is the toughest may  take days, months, years. But the best is to let go. Never get in blame game or fights. Keep yourself in priority try to forgive your own self first then the individual.


Take up a paper and write I forgive myself and the person name and keep writing it till you feel light and then tear this paper or burn it.

You will see the change in you and things around you.

Forgiving someone who has hurt you the maximum is one of the toughest act. Specially when you were too loyal, honest and expected same from the other person. My closest friends broke my trust the maximum i holded resentment against them for a long time but then i realized, what the use what is that I am gaining out of this?? Its me whose energy is going waste so i started with this excercise and slowly I was able to move to a better state of mind and let go of people who no more are valuable in your life.

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