My love for Rain

I was down with flu since  “Eid”.

I become that attention seeking kid whenever I am unwell.

This again is routed to my inner child wounds which still needs to be nurtured. The flu cripped me badly the dose of medicines intake increased, only to get my few medicines stop for some moment till I recover from this.

Since, childhood which i spent in my small town of North East. I am drawn towards greenery and rain. I hail from the state which has so much of fauna,flora. I love spring because thats when flowers blossom and everywhere their is fresh air and a new start.

lyrics of the song

” Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end” holds true in our life, the change is the seasons and everything.

Similar is my mood when i see new seasons coming. I love monsoon. I love rain so so much since childhood.

I like to get drenched and dance in that. At time i also use to cry whenever I had a bad temper or I am sad to ease of myself by cheering in this rain.

I use to listen to “Ghazals” at night and off all the lights in my room and sit near window and see the rain during my hostel days.

Rain cleans the dust and brings a calmness amidst the dust. It helps the flowers to breathe and give us reason to have a “garam chai” with “pakoda” by sitting in balcony. Helps elderly people to go for a walk.

I dnt care about the mud and getting my clothes and feet dirty as far as i can dance crazily. The chillness it gets and having an icecream post the drench session followed by having your favourite ” Golgappas” just is the Euphoria feeling.

I love the smell of earth when the rain drops touch mother earth. I love to travel in trum in kolkat in the sector crossing Maidan and Kidderpore. The sketch near fort william is so good. This side of the city I just love to spend time here.

Playing my favourite songs and dancing to the rhytm of it. Walking the lanes with your loved one holding hands or giving a hug as you walk sideways. leaving the umbrella and getting it thrown by the wind and doing a duet..

Isnt life so wonderful and amazing??.

Yes ofcourse it is .. every season is amazing and wonderful and brings so much of bliss and happiness.


Mantra: Enjoy the monsoon and tell them to keep coming soon every year 😀



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