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I was so inspired by the series ” Chasing life”  that i was glued with my laptop for like a week to complete the whole series. I could so well relate to this series be April’s emotions and her family support and the way Leo defined how to lead life.

I really dnt know what people feel about this feeling, emotion the word called “Love” until i felt and figured out myself. I am writing this solely in my own discretion, people may differ with there opinion and i completely respect that.

Ya you may call me a old school person in terms of my way of looking at things and description but trust me we exists in this world. At  a time when casual dating, flings, one night stands are something people had been maligning. Thats when the real meaning of Love is lost. the true meaning of love is changed into lust.

We often see people hooking up easily after just a date or in few minutes and at the end it breaks also at same speed at the speed got initiated

For me the word love has a totally different definition altogether.

I was just 17 only when i fell for this IITian guy the lead guitarist and a complete nerd just like how i was that time. I know nerdy love i call it. i actually didnt know what is love or what it means i was just going by the definition and things as its shown in Bollywood movies. you just feel an attraction and then fall for that person followed by the guy proposing you in the most romantic way and  then shower you with love letters, sms, chocolate, flowers etc etc.

Phew well that time i actually was too young to know what is this. Love is not easy its tough it comes with too many sacrifices, adjustments,care and most important respect and understanding and loyalty.

I lived my fairytale lovestory  for a long time of 4yrs and thought that is the end of my life and he the one i will be with for my whole life and we will be same as how we are cutie pie, chocopie, honey munch etc. Oh god please give me a break. at that time i use to feel  if my guy is possessive that means he truly loves me, if he gives me time and talk for 24 x7 he gives me priority well really dnt you think you wasting your important productive time  in living up those talk in air in hindi we say taash ka mahal which falls with just a blow of air.

Well slowly as we grew up and we focused in our career i realized these things were so much waste of time be texting whole day , recharging phone when i actually can use the money to have a great meal somewhere or buy a book.those talks in air when we ourselves are not in a position to stand on our own.



Well i learnt things in hard way probably but yes i did. I learnt life is not a fairy tale as it seems to be not everything will fall the way you think or imagine or plan. Things will fall apart and you need to really take things and accept the way it comes. you need to know yourself before you give yourself to need to keep your priorities upright before you let someone to be your priority. I know its very easy to say we shouldn’t have expectation but when you in a relationship expectation comes automatically you need the attention of your lover  when you are sad or happy. you want him/her to be the first person to know about anything that goes for you.

They say you fall in love because its unplanned you never know when how things will fall. The time you least expect is when it happens and you take time to know specially when you let the person go away from you. If ever you let someone go and that person comes back to you  think twice before accepting if they have loved you truly they wont leave you at first place. Never let yourself to be used by someone for there needs.

For me love is immortal, its about loyalty even when the presence of the other person isnt there. for me its the commitment that both keep together to make things work out. For me love is not having a cup of coffee at starbucks and tagging in fb and posting pics in instagram. The lovely time is deep inside you and you live the moments more then projecting to the world. For me love is when you hold each others hand and walk or take a stroll at midnight and be yourself. For me love is when you can laugh together for hours until your jaw start paining. love is when you respect each others personal space and respect each other profession and understand how much you are different but you still make time for each other in spite of your own life and schedule.

For me love is seeing that person once in a year and the memories for days. Love is when you remember that person everyday and miss them so much  and re read your old conversation and smile.Love is when you are there for that person in time of need may not be physical but in a supporting way.

You had a rough day that person one message probably charge you up from all your tiredness.You may encounter many people who probably are best in looks, fame  everything but there are just one with whom you connect well like instantly. that spark is different. Love is when you dnt need constant reassurance or when you dnt stalk someone profile because you trust them blindly. its when you give space for the other person to grow in life and you always there to encourage and push the person for better without  taking things into ego.

Its when you are not insecure if he/she goes out with any guy/girl or friends its when your heart just says you its all ok.

I m not a person against pre marital sex but often i have seen when people break they tend to blame someone stating the other person used them etc so my question is if thats the case why did you get laid first? you also enjoyed the time the other person did. I also have seen where guys or girls blamed for there one sided love story where they never expressed or when they expressed but got rejected and in anger lashed out tarnished someone name and  harassed them used all the weak nerve of the person because at one point someone trusted you so much as friend and go all way out and damage.

Love is true when you keep the sanity of your bond within yourself. its when you can trust the other person completely without a blink of an eye and try to help each other and have a conversation very open one and when you can just be yourself without have to think what or how the other person is going to think or judge.

Love is when you try to improve a person or probably try to make them understand if they into any kind of addiction be gambling or drug. love happens just when your heart and emotions connects not necessary  with external accept the person the way they are be face, height or anything.

I still believe in spending time sitting on a rooftop and star gazing, having  panipuri late at night and icecream while you getting drenched in rain. when nobody seeing you dance like mad. Holding hands below the books while u in library. Holding hands while you cross roads and ensuring she is fine when in crowd.waiting for your love to have food before you start. Singing songs in worst of your voice and laughing out loud.

Small gestures says many things then showing off to the world about how well you together are. If you have to post everything in social media its better you start publishing things on newspaper. I literally removed a college senior of mine post seeing her every minute details about where she is like from breakfast in a fancy restaurant to the dinner. You dnt have to project what your bae is doing for you or how much he/ she loves you. Its your personal life keep it personal.

Love is when it gives you wings to fly high and dream high in love its empowerment. Its when gives you a direction and make you love yourself more and make yourself stronger and better person everyday.

Long distance doesn’t break things the way we blame its the communication and insecurity which kills. I hate the fact when people sneak in each other phone and message, share passwords just to showcase they trust come on each person has there own individuality before being in a relationship.Yes your presence is required but not that it is clingy or constant following everywhere and keeping a check about where you what you doing etc.

When someone loves you they will love you every day its not like it decreases, it increases day by day, its unconditional, its about loyalty in spite there absence its that attraction which you feel towards that one individual.its the trust you have its just that you know when they give you a hug everything in world looks so awesome and alright because they are there for you.

An infatuation, lust etc will cause all insecurities, over possessiveness, jealousy, clinginess etc.

True love is not when you start saying things like i did this much for you, i paid this bill etc. love is unconditional it cant be calculated in terms of monetary value or materialistic things if you did then you never loved truly. Its about giving and not giving a count of what you did etc. never expect back

Mantra: Fall i n love with yourself first then you will know whom you want to give your share of love.

Reminds me of the lyrics go with the who really mean and stand for you just like Robbie from the “wedding singer”

I wanna make you smile whenever you’re sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you

I’ll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you



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