Journey from a hacker to a Monk

I really wonder when i look back from what I was to what i have become today.

It was in the year 2003 when i got introduced to internet and coding. I had my bunch of friends with whom we worked on various projects be making library management system or be hacking ids those days it was much easy to access otehrs mail ids. then changes came. My curious mind always looked for something new and unique, My creative mind always lead me to explore something new and then the tryst with new invention happened. My reading habits lead me to learn new codes and language.

My reading habit lead me to read alot of sherlock holmes and any detective related serials. I always use to get super curious about anything new  and look for logic to solve things. My childhood dream of becoming a crime reporter just left unfulfilled nor i could pursue my career in computers which i badly wanted. Dreams unfulfilled did things i dint want the frustration level inside me was so so much which i couldnt express ever. Lead me to get in wrong things in life be lying at home for trips i go with friends or be hacking ids of others or doing reserach work in getting crucial information about any individual. My friends knew of my this talent and my network that any information they need about anything i am the one point of contact who can figure out and solve thigns in seconds. I tried to help my friends from bad thigns and with genuine interest i helped them from being used my wrong people, marriages etc. But destiny had another thigns to make I met someone who was similar like me indeed he was much more talented then me in this.

Then came a phase when i learnt how my friends misused me for my this talent and used for their selfish benefits and my  trust  on humanity helped with a  good intent but i was taken for granted and being mislead and misused. My friends only way was to flaunt themselves in front of other my friend indeed went ahead to say they know someone who is good in getting information etc.

I always wanted to hide this side of me and slowly post my bad experiences i decided to quit that path. the path of trying to get personal information of any individual without there consent as thats a bad act and a breach of confidentiality.

I stopped helping my friends in this and slowly i saw none stayed everyone were selfish the moment they saw they  not able to get any benefit out of me. I use to be the person who mind works more then the speed of a computer and i can could track down any person in any part of the world within minutes. Not just person a place a location a mystery case of murder. This whole episode when my own friend who was much talented them me misused and back fired on me i decided in the year 2013 that i call it quit in nay form. Karma played a crucial role in my life taught me basic lessons about life and how things to be. I left those friends, place and everything. I became a person who now utilize her curious mind into much more productive things i still read a lot and a jack of all trades but i feel proud about what i am today. I maintain my distance from indulging in an wrong act or things which leads to cross lines.


I no more feel excited about findings or researching on those information. I just dont feel interested about any of those things. My interest has changed more towards uplifting people and making every individual on earth to make themselves as a better person and good human, to fill the world with compassion and love where their is no fight , war, hatred, there is peace, love and help and humanity being restored. Where the anger, irritation, fears are cut from earth their is no jealously rage. let each individual live their life in their ways and in much peaceful way and happy way. Life is not about clubbing, pleasing people. Life is more about finding peace within your own self and feel yourself with love and look outside world as a beautiful one and help every individual with love and teach them how it is to feel loved and love your own self. and how to help everyone in life.

I no more feel excited about money altough i know thts the bsic necessity for survival but whats the use of this money when you actually cnt feel at peace even spending in lakhs in partying or show off.

I recently found my diary i wrote in 2013 where i actually wrote all the plan i will how i will witness my marriage and the whole plan and everything. But life took a different turn I now no more feel or get excited about this whole concept. I became a monk i believe who started belonging more into simple living high thinking and find peace in that.Life changed my choices, my lookout changed alot.

From a complete millenial to a completely change girl who now aims to look towards humanity and upliftment has come with lot of major life lessons and teachings. I thank every individual i met in my life who taught me good lessons. thanks you so much 🙂


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