Importance of Time line

Well I was just observing things around me  since long time. My circle of friends, neighbours, colleagues.

Why their is so much of distress among people. I am really wondering people have so much of time to take sneak peak in others life and to be so judgemental about things.

Being a girl not getting married, be someone not earning enough to buy a new car, be someone unable to clear UPSC etc.

Society people has made its own set of rules and regulations without basis any book, logic or things. I feel ashamed of the fact how harsh and judgemental  is our society. A single minute is not being spared where someone doesnt pass comment or others and judge people.

If a super star dates someone young they have judgments, if someone love comes to watch a  match and they lose out then the blame comes to the girl. If a man is dating someone much younger then him then society has its own judgment.

I just have one single question can any of you show me the rule book which you had been following wher these thigns are being written??

Or school where you been taught to pass on harsh comments and judgemental statements.

If a girl is unmarried till 30 people has it own set of notion coming in picture  directly pin pointing on her character??.

can you show me that damn book where its written if a girl is married then only she a woman and she is right and rest who doesnt are not human being. Please showcase me that ?? can  you??

No you cnt ?? then why the jugdments?? then why the pressure?? then why the notions??.

Before pointing fingers on others why not people judge themselves for their own inefficiency and lack which they try to point fingers on others and showcase. Are we in some vegetable market to sell ourselves??.

Or we are in some showcase to be shown ?? where is the identity crisis coming for?/ why not people who are doing well in life being appreciated??. When you yourself are not filled with loving yourself how can you love someone else??

No rigtht? everyone has their own timezone and timelines to learn lessons of life major life lessons and thats make them matured and much better in all sense. I wonder how we take things casually and feel by running and changing city and people  we can get away from our karma’s ?? No you cant because you had been very harsh on others not just on others on your own self ??.


why did you do that on first place. why did you let people comments affect you?? never let others take control on your life and things its not required.

Take back that power on corntrol to your own self and make life an enjoyable experience which it is. Life is beautiful you can feel and see only when you start appreciating your own goodness and connect to your inner self and see how beautiful you are at soul level. appreciate your own self teh moment you do you will see changes coming in other self and people around.


Be patient with your own self and with your choices and things to turn around in life. Dnt be too quick, judgemental, reactive about anything in life. Be open in what life gives you dont be at a phase of being not recepitve ask your own self if you need it or not.

Your intuition is like the compass of your own life. follow it and trust it and trust your ownself.






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