Finding your own self!!


I know many of you are wondering what i am saying finding self  ?? funny ha?? many cnt relate to what i am saying also. I was just like the last cookie in the jar 3 months ago broken, alone and depressed. I was so much lost and i was trying to figure things out  in my life and i really thank Allah and all people be my friends, colleagues,family, my teachers, my healers who really helped in to learn things and know my own self.

This journey of self discovery was amazing so magical and unique. It not just push me to learn new things in life it taught me how to accept my own self and my own priorities. I have stopped being a people pleaser which i was eventually since decades and i wasn’t aware. I use to make my decisions solely basis people judgments or influences and keep myself inside. I always use to take responsibilities of everything that happened in my life and blame myself in-spite on things where i was never wrong .

I now stopped going behind people, i stopped bothering about people’s judgments or comments. I am so much at peace which i was never in my whole life i believe. My behavior, patterns, emotions changed now completely. I have started prioritizing my own self and know my own self worth and self respect. I no more entertain people who are of no value addition and who doesnt believe in themselves.  My routine changed completely be my food habits to my work habits . i can see the changes in my life and it gives me immense pleaser as i jot it down.

Never let others judgments, opinions make impact in your life. heal your inner self once you do that your outer side it will reflect. Healing works only for those who believe in themselves. The moment you surely know what you want to do and look for possibilities you will find ways out in life. Never say or limit yourself with thoughts or statements that this is not possible it wont happen you never know what is possible. Knock all the door you can for help and there will be 99 nos but one yes can make you believe in truth that exists.


All i can say is get up learn from your mistakes and never repeat them and keep climbing up the stairs life is big and chaotic but its fun to play with the chaos and set milestones for your well being and for people who get inspired from.


Mantra: Trust yourself everything will fall in place with its own ease!!!


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