Core Values of Basic Moral

I had been thinking a lot on these two core values since a long time.

The core value is basic moral of trust,honesty and truth. A person who knows they are truthful and honest to self and are loyal to themselves are the one who will always be fearless.

A person who knows they are not  truthful, lies and and dishonest will always run away from situations,people and speak lame excuses or lies in every moment and situation of life.

For them a small lie saves them for the moment but in reality they get thrice of bad situation or  I can say Karma which gives much bitter experience in life.

Always acknowledge and ask for forgiveness for your deeds where your soul says to you that you are wrong. Dont be defensive with your action for temporary freedom or escape. Its bad for long term, shortcuts never lead you to find good  thing in life.

I have seen and suffered in my own life where i have seen a false hope and lie gives a temporary escape from a situation but in long run you get back badly . Reminds me of the song

” What goes around comes back around” by Justin Timberlake. An amazing song with very meaningful lyrics.

I always say people who has habit of lying or who has trust issue should always affirm these two points to self that will help them have courage to speak truth and stay by truth.


  1. I live my truth, I speak my truth.
  2. I trust myself and committed to my own self .

Mantra: Live life full size with truth and be truthful and honest to your ownself then you wont ever go in vicious circle of karma.

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