Chaos In life

Uncertainty, unpredictability, insecurities, fears and many such emotions at times take us for a troll isnt it.

Often any small event lead us to trigger back some old baggage and emotions we faced in life ever.

The funda to over come all of this is by just observing it and refrain from analysing the whole thing  else you are just straining  your own self from things and not getting a good outcome.You will waste your present time and then you will be more into self criticising phase. Its alright you did mistakes and certain times you could hold on to things and certain events  didnt go the way you felt it should have.

But we dnt have a control on what happened before nor we know what in store next. Only thing on which we have a  control is present and today which we should embrace whole heartedly.


Let love yourself and pat our back for being the most genuine person. Let me lovablea nd sweet to our own self and live the life which will give us happiness. look around for all beautiful things leave your cellphones and social media and lets look   outside in the nature and good things around in life.


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