Believe in Yourself!!


I really had an amazing time this weekend. So, i attended a wedding of a dear friend of mine followed by my workshop. Yes, sleep deprived for sometime but overall super refreshed for the week. So, i was just having a casual conversation with my friend  about life and things. What i just observed and felt your life changes drastically once you start believing in your own self and say to yourself you are an infinite being and let yourself to receive abundance.

I have seen people who are constantly let others influence them in every parameter of life by people and go by the logic of what others will think  and happen to take opinions of others without believing in there own decisions ad awareness and such people end up being the unhappiest one.Often when you start prioritizing  yourself you might end up  loosing people. Probably thats what is required those who knows you will be with you and other will take you as a being arrogant because they reflect there own thought process.

What i learnt is the moment you start believing in your own abilities and things and you are in quest for yur life goals and dreams you just start to priortize your needs before anybody and you dont need to take approval of others for your things. Trust me its the best feelings and change is in you only. We human being set ourselves so much in limitations be peoples judgments or societal norms and we stop living the way we want and end up in circle of impressing others.

I really wish and pray everyone should  introspect there own potential and you can do that when you start questioning your own self rather and let space to create things which are new then just come to conclusions and limit your thoughts and underestimate yourself.

Live life full size and allow abundance to come in your life and it can only when you start believing in your own self.

Its always good to  learn something new and explore , ignore those who criticize you dont let there judgement influence you just say they have an interesting point of view  trust me it works like magic. Thanks access for changing my life completely and i cnt thank you enough  Dr Dain Heer for your concepts.


Mantra: You the creator of your life!! Believe in your self.

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