We all can be Healers_ Eye Opener !!!


As i look around this world and basis my own experience. Well all i can say is my life took a complete U turn in these last few years. I just felt how emotional breakdowns and certain physical ailments break us so down that it lead us to seek help from three people 1. Doctor 2. Healers 3. Spiritual gurus.

So, i want to know who are the people who go their mostly the one who are upset about life, depressed with the situations in life and who doesn’t believe and see good in themselves and underestimate themselves basis opinion of others. At times people become so weak they let someone else control on them and go as per someone else direction and then when things doesn’t work out in that they tend to blame the one who guided them.

Understand first one thing a healer is also someone just like you. They also have gone through many struggles like you they also have emotional break down and thus lead to this path to seek peace. What is that we all look for happiness as well as peace isnt it? But this doesn’t mean we need to go and follow what someone predicts and says be through any divination tool be tarot, crystal balls,astrology.

I have no intention to offend any healers or spiritual gurus. with due respect to all of them i am just expressing my views basis my own experience and things i have seen around. The change is you and everything is within you. You dont have to go all the way to seek help from someone every time for situation and panic.
Dont let anyone opinion affect you. You can yourself find the difference whenever you seek a support.
I happen to get a reading done by someone who said i am manglik and also that i wont be able to work in sales as i am short tempered and its been like 5 years since i got that reading. I felt bad as per my religion we dont believe in astrology so that whole reading kept rotating in my head and i was feeling that what should i do next about my job but trust me i am in same field since last 7 yrs and touch wood i am still doing well in my sales job.
So whenever someone says to you anything be any reading or prediction listen to your inner voice/gut if you felt heavy then think its not for you and if you felt light you know its right for you. Try this it works.

Another thing i noticed about the way people are using there god gifts of healing. Not everyone has the ability to read others mind or have the intuition to read there surroundings. It true very selective get those power and spirituality comes to them. Spirituality doesn’t mean they are not human being that they only have veggies and wear white clothes and do prayers 24 hrs. Let me clarify this spirituality has nothing to do with the way you lead your life.Your lifestyle is the way you see things what gives you happiness and inner peace. Its nowhere written in any book a spiritual person cnt interact with people or go and dine out they seclude themselves from others.
If we say we are spiritually awaken people say we are weird and think we perform some rituals or jajantrum mamamtrum. Let me explain to you a spiritual person is same like you its just that they have few extra sense and gift that they can foresee and connect to god and tell you. Its not necessary they are right they also human like you so treat them one among you.

What i disliked the fact as i see around is the misuse of the gift in terms of commercializing things there are things where people teaches same thing for a rate and some charges alot. I wont say someone is wrong or right its about everyone choices and things they perceive. We all add to our karmas on things we do in life. All that matter is on the intentions of the healer or person healing you. If there intention is just to take money out of you then your own intuition will warn you and you will know when to drop them and cut from them.

Thats why i said its all on you and your own intuition which is always right believe in yourself when you belive in yourself you will stop going for these things. You have all power to do things and create your own life it just hwo you guide yourself and make the best out of you. Everyone is a healer by themselves dont go by what others say or perceive believe and make yourself a self made man / woman basis your own instinct and things which is coming from your heart.Once is a while readings are fine but dont make that as a habit it will make you weak and you will let go of control of your own life to other and when things goes wrong you will blame others so dont get in that circle its better believe in your own ability and introspect yourself your core issues and try to resol

Mantra: Believe in yourself you can heal your life!!!

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