Importance of Affirmations & Meditation in Your Healing Process

There is a saying half knowledge is very dangerous. This is the typical problem with our millennial generation who feels life is carefree and the people who talk about spirituality or about meditation are insane and weird.

I was also a carefree individual 5 yrs back until i downsized on things and then i learnt and accepted myself and the process of life and i grew from a disturbed, depressed individual to a positive and someone who is strong enough to face things in life in all forms be professional, personal or financial.

Meditation is a way by which you connect your soul with god and you feel a different peace and lightness. I know it need practice i started meditation 2 ys back and when i started i was like noway these things are for old age people and what m i doing with it etc?? But things changed i  ensured i practiced it and trust me it helped me lot to balance out things in life. When i speak to my friends and talk about it many feel i am taking absurd and illogical and i am into some weird stuffs of jajantranm mamantaram kind. For all of those people trust me this is not something i am talking insane and weird. i know what i am talking and if that make sense to you do if not leave it. Its your call.


Louise hay is a well known author whose youtube videos are something which are amazing i dont understand why people take meditation into nirvana and moksh. Practice religiously once for a week you will feel the difference. So is for affirmations. We can heal ourselves and things surrounding us with just our thought process. You dont have to go do any rituals or anything. You just need to sit back check your intuitions and look inside what you need. Why you worried . Note it down in  a paper and check what you need if you need healing try meditation or reiki or any technique you know. For those who doesn’t have any idea about reiki or EDF then go for meditation and trust me it works like magic.

I have done and experimented many things in life which includes few PLR session when i shared with people i was made fun that these doesn’t exist well I was same like you 2 yrs back when i read about Dr Brian weiss volumes and i was like what non sense i dnt think these things happen. Until recently when something inside me made me to give a try and what i saw was different. I know my talks doesn’t make sense to many you all feel m insane. Judge me i dnt mind because at-least i know my core issues and i can work to rectify them and become a better person and improve my life and work towards my life goals.

Use positive affirmations in present tense and trust me it works. I personally believe it your thoughts make you what you are. If you are weak you will go for intoxicating things to get over issues or ignore but how long can you ignore there will be a point of time when you will reach a threshold and break down and trust me then to heal it takes time.

Start working on yourself and for yourself keep yourself in priority and do the needful. God is omnipresent he is there to take care of you and your needs,

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