Access Consciousness Bars- Its Magic :D

Finally i got some time to blog ūüėÄ I know just been super busy with loads of work and other commitments. I was literally dying to share my this experience of any amazing tool i discovered recently.For those close to me knows and heard too much from me the way i am going gaga over this. There is no need of anything be¬† symbols, prayers or meditation or salt bath or anything post session also.All you need is just relax and let your facilitator do their job.

So, this tool is known as “Access Consciousness Bars”. I got to know about this tool through a blog written¬† by Ashwini who is again a well known corporate speaker. So, i was¬† low for few reasons and because of few judgments which been passed by people and that kept lingering in my mind all the time be at work, be when m travelling or while going to sleep. I just felt so low and kind of lost completely and i was wondering whats in store for me next as my self confidence went low. I lost interest at work, writing and almost in everything which i use to like.So i was looking for something instant which can lift me up i tried meditation,affirmation,reiki it was helping but not to the extend i needed the healing to be. So, i just prayed to god and said help me with something which can heal me instantly and get me back to track and¬† in 24hours i believe my prayers were heard i was in front of the facilitator of ACB .My facilitator¬† nawal is amazing¬† a dynamic guy with amazing talents and a DJ. Gratitude to you nawal for the change you got in my life .I will give¬† brief of ACB to all. I got myself back completely post my session and i still cnt believe the things which kind of holded me back for so long i was able to release it i found i became what i am. I felt so so light and started using the tools thats been given and i can feel and see the results in a short time. The best thing is its a tool scientifically proven.

So, in the year 1990 Mr Gary Douglas channeled this. It says basically our head has 32 key points which are addressed as Bars. Each bar or point is related to each emotions of ours which at some point of time we holded on. If you recall few years back  Linda B buck won Nobel prize for her finding about olfactory system. Which was more to do with how each of our receptive cells  which we have the in the nasal epithelium which can keep record of the odors. Thats why we can recognize a product or any food smell instantly. Same is our brain which has receptive cells which keeps memories inside. So whenever any event occur in our life be happy one or sad one or a traumatic the feelings remains there.

Time passes we  move on in life but few memories stay back.Most of our emotions which are held back create patterns in our current life. It can be few judgments which had been passed by someone, or an accident memory or a heart been broken in early teenage. This tool helps to release those energies which are trapped there and make us feel light and good and we start seeing things from a new way and we become conscious about our choices and decisions more balance is what we find.

Any day you feel stressed be for relationship, finance or any other issues just look for a facilitator and get the bars run on your head and see the change.The change is within you we human dont realize our own abilities because we often get influenced by the judgments  of other and hold onto that and act in ways and make ourselves unhappy.

Everyone has an interesting point of views but not necessary their views matches with yours. Through this session i learnt how to overcomes things in life and how to find your own abilities and look forward for big things in life and trust your own intuitions and take charge of your own life.


Mantra: All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory!!!






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