I am Sana.
I am a corporate manager with an Fintech company in Kolkata. There is a curious bug in me since my early college days which made me a avid reader. I believe that knowledge is something which has no limits and you can go and learn new things everyday by exploring all ventures. I love travelling and exploring new places I don’t travel to a place just for heck of it before I go I do a complete research about the culture, cuisines and the unexplored areas within that which is not commercialized. I am talkative I can talk on any topic under the sun at any point of time until I am sleepy :P. Since, childhood I always use to write diary about my everyday chaos. So you got it how the name sanadiary popped :). It was in the year 2013 when one of my flatmate left from Bangalore and felt very low and I happen to write a note in face book about our journey. Post this I really got few good reviews and then my friends, family encouraged me lot to take it up strongly as I was passionate about it. I carry a small diary in my bag whenever I have any thoughts in my head I pen it down.


It was in the year 2015 when I first published few articles on fuccha.in followed by few in akkarbakkar and in few local newspaper. I started this blog in 2016 and since then no looking back.


Mantra: Life is the way you see it. Be Positive, Stay Happy !!!


This blog is completely on my own thoughts and view points basis my own experience and things I have learnt. People have full rights and will to have there own opinion. I won’t approve of any bully or nasty messages dropped here I appreciate your views but wont let bullying in my blog.Read with ease and take the good things. I use lucid language as I feel communication is more to do with understanding and presenting not mere use of high vocabulary and the reader find it difficult to even understand.

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